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Money Talks In CIRCLE Entertainment's DSiWare Title Banking Dream

Posted by Damien McFerran

Mo money, mo problems

CIRCLE Entertainment has announced that it is bringing another of its "Dream" titles to DSiWare this year, this time focused on the wacky world of finance.

Banking Dream places you in the bank manager's chair, where you're expected to grow your bank's cash mountain whilst dabbling in stocks and shares to inflate your own personal fortune.

Having lots of money in your vault naturally attracts the attention of robbers, so you'll also need to ensure your security is up to scratch.

In other news, CIRCLE has cancelled its forthcoming DSiWare game Achilles War.

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slidecage said:

wasnt there a game like this on the nes .. stock market boy or something like that ...if this game is like that i buy it..loved that game

Wall Street Kid was the name of the NES game and i remember putting hours into that game ....hopefully its a clone



Undead_terror said:

Again with the sims!, and they also cancelled Achilles War which actually looked like a good sad.



Chris720 said:

This game looks positively amazing... by amazing, I mean dreadfully boring.



MrWu said:

I have been enjoying Circle's 'Dream' series of games. They're relatively well made and approximates Kairosoft's 'Story' games, often with streamlining that makes then a little less irritating to play (Publisher Dream comes to mind)

Surprised people are so negative.



Windy said:

They need to make one Called RPG Dream! That would be neat like the one from Kairosoft. I love those games and I love these games. I hope that Banking dream will be cool Like its predecessors. For a buck.99 these games pack alot of punch

@MrWu your right, there are alot of negative people. Whats up with that? This game isn't even out yet



C-Olimar said:

Please fix the bugs from Publisher Dream - I gave up restarting that game, after it decided to simply stop for the third time.



SyFyTy said:

Achilles War. was canned? Dam I wanted that.... well, at least they're releaseing another one I want.. I'll B buying this one... if I haven't broke the bank before I opened it...naw, I'm getting it..

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