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Posted by Anthony Dickens

Get your collective bodies ready, because we'll be bringing you complete coverage of today's E3-flavoured Nintendo Direct broadcast. Here you can post your own comments and watch our reaction to events as they unfold. Grab yourself a cold drink and get comfortable.

Stick around if you want to do some live chatting with our news team in about 45 minutes time!

Thanks for watching, we'll have some reaction pieces on the site very soon

Okay, our stream has gone... watch the homepage for news stories!

Here comes the robots... it's from Monolith games

She has a new hairstyle and costume - take note!

Okay, this looks pretty epic. Who's that dude at the end?

Who's ready for the Bayonetta 2 hype?

Donkey Kong Country "Tropical Freeze" will be out in November

The 3D graphics look super nice on DKCR though. Nice barrel jumping!

Apparently Donkey Kong will have to fight... Vikings! OK!

Another Donkey Kong Country for Wii U, but is this what Retro have been upto all this time?

September 15th for The Wonderful 101 in North America

The Wonderful 101 will be released, BEFORE Wind Waker - about time!

Screenshot/photos feature in Wind Waker HD looks pretty nice - October


antdickens said:


Are you looking forward to heading back to Outset Island?


antdickens said:

I hope they've changed the game to have less sailing!

Zelda: Wind Waker HD sizzle reel coming up. Looks fantastic!


antdickens said:

Oddworld - didn't expect that.

Now we're seeing a selection of eShop games, some nice titles on the way

Lots of Skylanders action too...

New Batman game will be on Wii U & 3DS, along with ACIV on Wii U

Iwata is talking about his love for 3rd party, but what have they been working on?

It'll also feature the ability to post directly to Miiverse

Art Academy will be available on the Wii U eShop this summer, get creative!

Oh okay, Wii Party U in November and Wii Fit U in December - not too bad

Iwata appreciates your patience!

Wii Fit U also delayed due to "new features", we expected this

Wii Party U going to be delayed slightly... no dates.

(it's another party game, but looks good!)

Now we're watching some action from Wii Party U

And Mario Kart 8 has motocycles once again...

So we have some anit-gravity in Mario Kart 8... OK!


antdickens said:

nice Mario Kart 8 logo!

After looking at a new 3D Mario for Wii U (hurray!)

So we're looking at Mario Kart 8 at the moment...

5 minutes to go people....

15 Minutes Until Nintendo Direct @ E3 2013


CasuallyDressed said:

We're blogging live from LE. No, that's not a typo; it's the postcode for Loughborough.


CasuallyDressed said:

We're hearing rumblings that the Japanese Nintendo Direct is 37 minutes long. Hopefully, that's 20 minutes of games, and 17 minutes of Iwata staring at fruit.


CasuallyDressed said:

It's fallen eerily silent in the Nintendo Life offices. I think some of us are a little bit nervous. All of us are a little bit excited.


CasuallyDressed said:

Hi guys, Rory here! I'll be on liveblogging duties during the Direct. My body is partially ready.

*ALERT* One Hour To Go! *ALERT*

There's a high chance we'll find out what Retro Studios have been up to today...

We going to be doing a LIVE video stream from the office after the show, if you want to stick around and ask questions :)

Join us on Nintendo Life for the Nintendo Direct and some chatter!