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Amazon Listing For Wii U Version Of Off-Road Racer DiRT Slides Into View

Posted by Damien McFerran

UPDATED: Codemasters responds, DiRT Wii U "not part of its product slate"

UPDATE: Codemasters has given us this response regarding this news story:

We’re unsure of the source for the Amazon US listing as Codemasters does not have a DiRT title for Wii U listed as part of its product slate.

ORIGINAL STORY: The DiRT series of racing games has already gained a sizeable following on consoles and PC, and if a recent listing on Amazon is to be believed, it could be racing onto the Wii U in the not too distant future.

The online retailer has listed the game — simply entitled "DiRT" — with a price of $59.99, but offers no further information. Seeing as the franchise is now up to its third entry, we could potentially be looking at an all-new version for the Wii U, but a more realistic proposition would be a port of DiRT 3: Complete Edition, which launched in 2012.

We've contacted Codemasters for clarification, and will update this story if we hear back.

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Shiryu said:

Hope so! And than followed by "GRID 2". We sure need some motor racing love, we wont survive on "NFS most Wanted" for life (even if I have yet to tire myself of it's motorized mayhem) and "Project CARS" is still a long way off.



Ignatius_Cheese said:

I thought the DiRT franchise had already been confirmed for Wii U?

In any event, it won't be a brilliant version due to the lack of analogue triggers...



OorWullie said:

The headline made me think of Super Off Road Racer.Fantastic game and long overdue a comeback.Give it online and leaderboards and keep the gameplay in its original style,none of this 3D nonsense they tried on the 64 Perfect for an Eshop release!Kickstarter anyone?



Xilef said:

Wasn't DiRT confirmed back in 2011? Which iteration of DiRT was it?



dizzy_boy said:

I played dirt 2 on the wii and loved it, so I'll be happy to buy this if it comes to the wiiu.



Ichiban said:

About time! Like others i remember this from the e3 '11 reel. Glad to hear from it again. (Or just dissapear like Metro Last Light)



8thGenConsoles said:

DiRT has already been confirmed for Wii U since 2011 but its nice to know that they are still planning to release it on the Wii U.



Lin1876 said:

Will be interesting to see how they, and Project CARS, get round the rather crippling lack of analogue triggers (@Nintenjoe64 makes a decent point, but I never want to have to use that thing again). If they added support for the various Logitech wheels it would increase my interest though.

It would be encouraging for the Wii U if this turns out to be a thing. However, looking at how Codemasters have driven the Colin McRae and Race Driver series into the ground this generation, I'm not holding my breath for anything special from a new game. Colin McRae/Dirt is a seris which desperately needs a ground-up reboot and a focus on point-to-point rallying.



GiftedGimp said:

Dirt was confirmed coming to WiiU last year. Really hope it sells well on WiiU as Codemasters first WiiU release will be this and if it does then potentially WiiU will have another 3rd party publisher giving decent support.
As for lack of analog triggers, the Ps2 introduced the right stick for accel/brake controls, and as NFS shows using the right stick for accel/brake on WiiU works well.
Having said that a WiiU pro controller revision to include analog triggers would be good.



HeatBombastic said:

Wow, I'd definitely pick this up if it comes out soon. Not sure if it releases in September, though. I'd need to get Rayman, Wonderful 101, Luigi U, and Pikmin 3.



element187 said:

Wait, so they are going to bring over a year old game and expect it to sell gangbusters??? And when it bombs, the devs will blame us for it, just like EA did.



Mizzah_Tee said:

Yeah, this game was on Wii U's 2011 E3 reel so not surprised, but Metro: Last Light was on that reel too...



Grubdog said:

Codemasters is dead, they've run the F1 franchise into the ground already and they are everything that's wrong with the ever-diminishing racing genre in 2013.

Take out all the cutscenes, career-based unlockables, improve the interface, remove the tutorials, remove EVERYTHING that isn't driving-related and stop treating every player like a moron and I'll buy it. Call it "Wii U - Gameplay Edition".

We do need more motor racing love but Codemasters wont be the one to provide it. There's a huge opportunity on Wii U for someone to step up and make a proper racing game with real driving being the focus, free of an achievement and trophy system.



Nintenjoe64 said:

Easy mistake to make, I just wish that there was some support for it. Even if we all buy NFS, EA still wouldn't patch it in.



Dreamcaster-X said:

Just another reason why Nintendo needs to revive the F-Zero franchise. The Wii U needs a killer arcade style racing game. Most Wanted:U is awesome but since EA's support is questionable....



AVahne said:

Yeah sorry about that.
Perhaps Project CARS would add support for the analog buttons on Classic Controller if enough people asked?



Pachterkid said:

Nintendo Life, have you ever thought about NOT writing an article about every single rumour that comes your way? If you had just waited 5 hours on this story than you would have had conformation that you had no story at all. It seems like more and more of your articles these days are based entirely in rumour, with a sentence at the end saying that you’ve reached out for clarification, only to tell us later that nope, sorry, the rumour was completely false.

Maybe next week you’ll be writing again about that Majora’s Mask remake for the 3DS that’s never going to happen.



OorWullie said:

So we can expect the next article about this game to be "Codemasters confirm Dirt has been cancelled for Wii U" ?



bassoongoon said:

I'm not too disappointed. Sonic and All Stars, Mario Kart U, and Project CARS should satisfy my racing needs.

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