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Neko Entertainment Working On A New Game

Posted by Andy Green

Puddle 2 or something new?

Neko Entertainment currently has one game submerged in the Wii U eShop with Puddle. Fortunately for us the creative flow is still streaming at the Paris-based studio, as the developer has revealed it has another Wii U title in the pipeline.

In an interview with Nintendo Chronicle, the developer drizzled in some interesting news regarding the work it's currently wading through:

We are working on several games on many platforms. The Nintendo Wii U will be one of these platforms! But I cannot tell you more at the moment!

We have absolutely no idea what new game Neko Entertainment currently has in the works. It could be a sequel to Puddle, or maybe it will be a new title entirely. It's likely the new project will be made for the eShop, but perhaps Neko will take the plunge and release a full retail game. We'll just have to wait a while for more news to filter through.

What are your thoughts on this absorbing news? Would you like to see more from Neko Entertainment in the Wii U eShop? Let us know by dropping a comment below.


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Lutra said:

Hopefully, if it is Puddle 2, it will have the necessary improvements: no bugs with minus scores, leaderboards for all levels, an easy place where you can look up all your level times, replay saving and demonstrations if you get stuck. All of those could be done in an update, but also making sure the obstacles that damage you make sense would be good.

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