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Silent Hill Producer Joins WayForward Technologies

Posted by Andy Green

Tomm Hulett leaves Konami for pastures new

A new director has been appointed at WayForward Technologies in the form of Tomm Hulett, the former Konami producer behind Contra 4, Rocket Knight and the more recent Silent Hill games.

Konami and WayForward Technologies have worked together before, with the publisher releasing Silent Hill: Book of Memories on the PlayStation Vita as well as Contra 4 on the Nintendo DS. Hulett will now be responsible for all of WayForward Technologies' catalogue, including the Mighty Switch Force and Shantae series of games.

WayForward Technologies has been a strong supporter of the Wii U, with the developer releasing Mighty Switch Force: Hyper Drive Edition into the Wii U eShop when the system launched.


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Rapido said:

errr, bring us Gillespie witches and creepy piano puzzles -like survival adventure. . I'll give a thumbs up.



MAB said:

I guess Silent Hill Downpour and Book of Memories didn't really perform too well... Maybe he should of just made another one for the Wii



Capt_N said:

Transfer of talent could be a good thing for WayForward. Or perhaps not. Time will tell.



psycoticdev1l said:

Maybe we can have some good Silent Hill games again. Oh and sorry Wayforward, no one deserves that...



Ed_Rod said:

I love Mighty Switch Force! looking forward to more cool things from WayForward



SparkOfSpirit said:

Instead of spearheading a new Rocket Knight game, it would have been nice to get the original three ported to the VC.

Maybe now we'll get someone who will actually release things from the Sega Genesis on it.

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