72 Hour Super Mario Marathon Promises Fun and Fundraising

Keep running right

Occasionally we bring you news of charitable marathons that not only bring amusement and entertainment for interested spectators, but also raise a lot of money for charity. With the recent glut of 2D Mario titles — well, two — we feel we should share the news of an upcoming 72 hour Super Mario marathon being organised by The Speed Gamers.

The marathon will be raising money for the Make A Wish Foundation, and will see the team playing a daunting range of Mario titles that'll also incorporate the Paper Mario series and pretty much any main title involving the famous plumber. New Super Mario Bros. U will be included, and those that watch and donate will have the chance to suggest decorations for a tree, win hand-made question mark boxes and — the prize likely to interest the most people — there'll be a Wii U Deluxe console up for grabs.

It takes place between 14-17 December, and details for donations and the live stream will be found at thespeedgamers.com. If you want to know if this group is the real deal, its 168-hour Pokémon marathon earlier in the year raised $59,000, which is an impressive amount.

[via digitalspy.co.uk]