EnjoyUp Games has been busy in recent weeks releasing titles such as La Mulana on WiiWare and Abyss on DSiWare. Its next project is Soccer Up 3D, which as you may have guessed makes the leap onto the 3DS eShop.

Soccer Up! has previously been released on WiiWare but obviously didn’t include any 3D visuals. Helpfully, EnjoyUp has released a handy QR code - reproduced below - to enable you to view some of the game’s screens in full glorious 3D. There are eight for you to view in total - to scan the QR code simply follow these instructions:

  • Turn on your trusty 3DS and head to front menu.
  • Bring up the camera app by using either the L or R button.
  • Tap the QR icon on the bottom left of the touch screen.
  • Align the camera with the QR code, below, and tap A once prompted on the touch screen.
  • The web browser will now launch and you can use your stylus to select the images you want to see, it can take a few seconds so don’t worry too much if they take a while to load.

We gave the WiiWare version of Soccer Up! a painful 1/10 in our review so we really are hoping the 3DS iteration of the game makes some substantial improvements.

There’s no release date as of yet for Soccer Up 3D so you’ll have to make do with these screens for now. Have a gander and let us know what you think.