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Nintendo Talks Dragon Quest X in Latest Direct Broadcast

Posted by Katy Ellis

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Nintendo has published its latest Nintendo Direct broadcast, this time focusing on the upcoming Japanese release Dragon Quest X. The broadcast began with an introduction from Satoru Iwata, and then included gameplay commentary from Dragon Quest designer Yuji Horii, series producer Yousuke Saito and director Jin Fujisawa, who you might recognise from last Monday's Iwata Asks: Dragon Quest X.

The first section of the gameplay commentary shows off the player creation and customisation features. After choosing which gender you would like to play as, the video shows the five different race classes you can choose from: Ogre, Dwarf, Elf, Wedi and Pukuripo. You can then change the size, colour, hair style and colour, face shape, eye shape and eye colour — plus, of course, the name of your character.

The next segment showed off some scenes from the current beta test version of the game, showing the vast landscapes and colourful cast of characters associated with the series. The thirty-seven minutes of footage also portrays Dragon Quest X's combat system, MMO themed elements and a discussion and Q&A at the end of the gameplay scenes.

At the end of the broadcast (roughly 34 minutes in) there is also a stunningly beautiful section of computer generated video footage, which seems to be Dragon Quest X's introduction video. Enjoy!

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Kage_88 said:

The game looks really great (and this is coming from someone who generally dislikes MMORPGs).

The Wii will definitely go out with a bang, and not a whimper (well, in Japan at least).

Really curious to see what the Wii U version'll be like.



Rapadash6 said:

This is very minor, but it always annoys me when 16:9 enhanced Wii games don't format the icons to the proper aspect ratio to match. Everything in the HUD in this game looks stretched and wonky as heck. Shouldn't matter to us though, as we'll likely get the Wii U version anyway. Hopefully we'll get a peek at it soon.



turtlelink said:

When I get home I'll be watching this... I'm really interested in the combat. It looked different in the past trailers.



DeMoN-13ruce said:

if this get localized....i will try it on wii u for sure ^^ don't mind paying some fee a month...



Kid3dizzy said:

I think that the wii u version. cause that looks like their using the Pro controller.



Ernest_The_Crab said:

@Rapadash6 If I had to guess it's probably post processing in play. You can't resize something after processing and due to the limitations of the Wii these kinds of effects are used often since they consume less resources than something done in real time.



arrmixer said:

I'm definitely feeling this video... I would pay a fee if reasonable as well....I actually love nintendo's idea for direct broadcast.. definitely brillant IMO

Hopefully, we the people of US get this



BenAV said:

It's looking pretty good.
Will definitely pick it up if it makes its way over here, preferably on the Wii U.



TheAdza said:

Yeah some info on the Wii U version would go a long way. If this game launched within a year after the Wii U, it would add to the hype a lot. Which sadly the Wii U doesn't have much of outside Nintendo fans.



RevolverLink said:

I really want to get hyped for this, because I find Dragon Quest to be an endlessly charming series, but MMORPGs just aren't my thing, sadly.



Otto-Soq said:

This is a long waited dream coming true for me! I will never come off the couch till 2016.

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