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3D Solitaire Hits North American eShop on 2nd August

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

It's Solitaire, with 3D

Occasionally a game title can be mysterious or confusing, but Zen Studios kept it simple with 3D Solitaire. It's a basic app for the popular card game with some pretty stereoscopic 3D backgrounds, and that's all it is; it couldn't be simpler.

It did hit Europe at a budget price, and the good news for North America is that it's confirmed for this week's download update, arriving on 2nd August for just $2.99. It may not be as flashy as Zen Studio's pinball efforts, but if Solitaire's your game it does the job. If you can't wait to see what backgrounds are available check out the official trailer below, or read our 3D Solitaire review to help decide whether it's worth a few bucks.

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geckofreak said:

This game is absolute rubbish!!!! Really!!! It is very simple and it doesn't even do simple solitaire very well. 3 x 3D backgrounds don't change the fact that the actual solitaire is crappy!Wow, choose from Klondike 1 or 2 both with a crappy scoring system and the same 3 backgrounds to "unlock" plus the ability to wait ages while it loads your own photos so you can load one as the background (then reload it next time you start the game)... failing on the gameplay for solitaire makes the Zen company look pretty useless! I cant believe they would release such a poor quality product!



Marks said:

Solitaire is my game! I will buy this, since it's only 3 dollars and something cents.



Alienfish said:

Just Klondike? I would have thrown $5 down on a 3D solitaire with more than just Klondike. They should have added a few more like a few different versions of Spider and some Golf or Freecell. Pass.



Jumpman said:

Correct me if I'm wrong but doesn't solitare come free with every computer ever made post-97?

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