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Enjoy the classic gameplay of solitaire, but also explore a whole new range of modes of play and player rewards.

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Posted by Thomas Whitehead

The title says it all

Nintendo’s digital stores have given us plenty of titles based on old-fashioned games of cards, for those who no longer play with real decks or other people. The thing about solitaire, or course, is that it’s a card game for just one player, and...

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MattEriks said:

i can't believe that this game is being realesed in a couple of hours and still no more info then a name.



tovare said:

This game is ruined by poorly tuned controls esp. for touch screen controls, there are much better implementations available on dsiware.

I liked the idea of scoring and some juiced up graphics, so if they released a fix my opinion might change



geckofreak said:

The scoring isn't implemented properly and quickly becomes somewhat redundant - eg. If you have one king - 2 complete and another of the same colour just pick up and move the required cards to the other king so that you get a 2nd bonus.
It's easy to say that the game is just solitaire and it does what it says it does but if you say your not going to do much then you had better do it well... this game is woeful!

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