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E3 2012: Miyamoto's Small Game is Under Wraps For Now

Posted by James Newton

Maybe next year

Shigeru Miyamoto's talked in the past about working on smaller projects, but the only project of his we saw at E3 2012 was Pikmin 3. He's assured Joystiq he is still working on something but we probably won't see it until next year.

People like to ask me if I want to do a small project with a small team. I do like working with a small team, and I'm working with a number of small teams on a lot of different ideas, but the problem is because of all these different roles that I have to fulfill, it takes me a long time to write the design document. Maybe this time next year I'll have something ready to show you that perhaps will illustrate that idea.

You better.


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NintyMan said:

Miyamoto's a busy man, so we should give him a pass. Apparently, this "small" game becomes a big one when the rest of his schedule is involved.



Ryno said:

Oh no's, what am I going to do without another small game to choose from for Nintendo?



ShadJV said:

@firearrow505 I'm pretty sure Wii Music wasn't meant to be a small game, Nintendo initially used the concepts as much to show of the Wii as they did with Wii Sports. They tried hyping it up at E3 even. It simply flopped.

Whatever this "small game" Miyamoto is working on, I will give it a chance, because it's Miyamoto.



BenAV said:

Good, I hope he takes his time.
I'd much rather see an amazing looking game in a couple of years than a rushed game in a couple of months.



ThreadShadow said:

That's such an ugly picture of Miyamoto, please stop using it.

Looking forward to any new IP's he comes up with though.



Emaan said:

Anything Miyamoto makes is magical, so I'm excited for anything that genius has planned!



lanabanana said:

Miyamoto is AWESOME! The only part that was entertaining about E3 was when he started the show . Everything else pretty much sucked... But, what about Flipnote Memo? He announced it over a year ago and there hasn't been any news on it...

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