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Bionic Commando Grips 3DS VC in North America Next Week

Posted by James Newton

Heads up

Here's a truly rare event: Nintendo of America has announced a 3DS Virtual Console game a week in advance.

Bionic Commando is coming to the service on 29th December, as revealed by the Nintendo Facebook page.

There's no official price yet but expect it to come in around the $3 mark.

Are you polishing your grappling gun in anticipation?

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Cipher said:

This is supposed to be coming to Europe in Q4, right? If the summer launch schedule is still correct, anyway. So in theory we could well get this next week too.



Spoony_Tech said:

Jayarr that's just wrong! LOL!

Never played the gameboy version any impressions from anyone? I loved the nes one!



Link79 said:

What if you don't have a grappling gun to polish?
Girls play videogames too don't they?
Oh wait probably not.



alLabouTandroiD said:

I'll wait for people telling me how great and different she is compared to her bigger sister. But i'm leaving some days open for dates with this promising young woman.



Ryno said:

Like others, curious to know how this compares to the NES version. The NES version is awesome as well as Rearmed.



shinobi88 said:

The GB version of Bionic Commando is really good. Its on the same level as the NES version, maybe a lil better or a lil worse.

But I'll be a lot more excited for Bionic Commando Elite Forces for GBC. That is the best in the series.



Shworange said:

I just busted out NES version the other day. I still love that game! The ending was so surprisingly horrific and gruesome for an original NES game. I love playing it through over the course of a day just to get to that last scene (trying not to give spoilers in case it appears on the wiiu's VC).



Azikira said:

I absolutely love Bionic Commando. The only one I really didn't like though was Rearmed 2 because they ruined the uniqueness of this game.

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