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Ain't No Party Like a Mario and Sonic London Party

Posted by James Newton

Just stay away from Soho

SEGA's next spin on multiplayer sports is just a month away, and to get you all excited for Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games the publisher has revealed a new trailer showing off the game's London Party mode.

The minigame mode sees Mario, Sonic and friends take to the streets of England's capital city in over 50 challenges, resulting in more senses-shattering, collision-of-worlds action: Sonic jumping on Goombas? Mario grabbing gold rings? It's all a bit too much to handle.

Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games for Wii is released in a month, with a 3DS version due in February 2012.

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J_watch said:

London Party mode will be cut from the European versions due to time constraints.



HipsterDashie said:

Is it bad that I want to get this simply because I'll be able to play as Mario and Sonic in real world locations I live near to and frequently visit? :3



James said:

@SoulSilverIV I'm looking forward to it for a similar reason so I can finally make it from St Pancras underground to King's Cross station in under 30 minutes.



CapedGodot said:

That's great and all, but was I the only person who noticed the distinct lack of Olympic Games?



Punny said:

This is more lke it! Mario and Sonic together doing some actual platforming! Not exactly how I wanted it, but I still can't help but feel giddy whenever I see these two icons together.



pocket_arsenal said:

I won't be buying another Mario and Sonic game. Not after the first one, no matter what new modes and minigames they add. That is unless they make a crossover platformer.



Morpheel said:

I have been wanting to get one of these mario and sonic games I wonder if the 3DS version will include this mode?



Adamant said:

The 3DS Mario & Sonic games are completely different from their console counterparts (well, aside from being olympic games), so that's doubtful.

This thing looks fun, though, and I liked Mario & Sonic Beijing much better than Mario & Sonic Vancouver, so a new summer olympics version is right up my alley.

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