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First FIFA 12 3DS Screenshots and Details Score

Posted by James Newton

EA sticks the boot in

EA was always going to follow Konami's Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 3D with its own football game, so it's no surprise the smartly named FIFA 12 is coming to 3DS later this year.

Where Pro Evo claimed the title of "first 3D football game", FIFA 12 nabs the slightly less auspicious "first 3D street football mode" award, bringing FIFA Street-like gameplay to the third dimension with a bizarre-sounding curved pitch.

The game will also boast full touch screen controls on conjunction with a player's eye view to allow accurate passing and shooting, on top of the usual licensed players, teams and tournaments, with local multiplayer for two players confirmed.

Expect to see FIFA 12 on 3DS land in a few months' time.

EA Sports Unveils Touch Screen Controls For FIFA 12 On Nintendo 3DS
New game features first-ever 3D street football mode and the most authentic teams and players in any football title

Guildford, UK. – May 10, 2011 – Electronic Arts Inc. (NASDAQ: ERTS) today announced that EA SPORTS™ FIFA 12 will deliver the most authentic, innovative and feature-rich 3D football experience on Nintendo 3DS™ when the game launches this fall. FIFA 12 on Nintendo 3DS will feature over 500 officially licensed clubs, new touch screen controls that will change the gameplay experience, and the first-ever 3D Street Football. With eight different game modes, it is the largest feature set ever developed by EA SPORTS for a hand-held football game.

Take to the pitch with superstars like Real Madrid’s Kaká and Manchester United’s Wayne Rooney, and become a true marksman using all-new optional touch screen controls. Enjoy precision shooting by picking a spot precisely from the player’s viewpoint using the lower touch screen and then finessing a shot with pinpoint accuracy. Utilize touch screen controls on set pieces to draw a shot that curves the ball around, or even power it over the wall for the match-winning goal that lifts your club to victory.

“We challenged our development team to develop innovative features that would maximize the FIFA experience on 3DS. They delivered intuitive new touch screen controls and a curved pitch in our Street mode that truly brings the 3D elements to life,” said Matt Prior, Producer for FIFA 12 on Nintendo 3DS. “When you combine these features and many other innovations with all the authentic players and kits for the upcoming season, we are confident that this will be the best football game available on Nintendo 3DS.”

Whether fans choose to take to the pitch as a real-world superstar or re-create themselves in the first-ever 3D Street Football Mode, the environment will come alive through an innovative curved pitch and unique lower camera view that maximizes 3D planes, enabling gamers to experience the depth of the field and player movement with full 3D effects. Featuring players wearing the latest street gear, the stage will be set for epic 5 versus 5 matches in exotic street locales and indoor environments that are true to the spirit of street football. Plus, in Be A Pro Mode, fans will be able to take their created player on a journey from the streets to ultimately compete for their favourite club and national side and become the next football legend.

FIFA 12 on Nintendo 3DS will feature fully authentic 11 versus 11 gameplay, head-to-head online matches using Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, Tournament Mode with over 50 real-world competitions, a full in-depth Career Mode that enables gamers to play or manage their way to glory, 3D Street Football, Be A Pro and a Training Mode.It also features nine different camera angles to choose from for the perfect view of the pitch.

FIFA 12 will be available in stores world-wide this fall for Nintendo 3DS and is being developed by EA SPORTS at EA Canada in Burnaby, B.C. The game has not yet been rated.

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Oregano said:

Wow after EA's crappy launch efforts I'm surprised!

I hope NFS: The Run is good and that they've giving Firebrand the time it needs to make it awesome.



alLabouTandroiD said:

Looking good so far.
It's strange that there will be no local multiplayer though. I mean that may not be a problem in a surrounding where you can easily access the internet. (e.g. at home or near hotspots) But it misses the oh so sweet possibility to meet someone in public and just have a quick match against each other like commercials for Street Fighter IV have impressively shown.



Weskerb said:

PES was basically a port of the PSP game, it didn't play anything like the PS360 version. If EA can get the PS360 game engine running on the 3DS, then I'd be be impressed.



TwillightPrince said:

This just sucks...
PES: no online multi-player
FIFA: no local multi-player

I'm speechless. Is there a chance to get a decent football game for a nintendo console someday?




Well you could just have a friend use same wi fi spot to locally battle him so im not fussed. Also Rooney in 3D? Yes please!!!



Kit said:

I think FIFA 12 will PES all over Pro Evo Soccer! LOL



jerryo said:

this is bad or at least the same as PES.




especially the street mode... such crappy artwork...
what sucks even more is that they don't even bother to do one proper football game.
They try to put both products in one :S



James said:

EA has confirmed this has local multiplayer now. Apologies for any confusion!

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