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First DOA Dimensions SpotPass Content Now Available in UK and Europe

Posted by Zach Kaplan

And more scheduled to arrive

Dead or Alive: Dimensions releases today in the UK and Europe, and it's already taking advantage of the SpotPass service with downloadable content available today.

Once you pick up your copy, head to a hotspot or your own home Wi-Fi broadband connection to receive a brand new costume for Kasumi. You can also face Kasumi as controlled by a CPU replication of Team Ninja member Usuda (likely Hiroya Usuda, who also helped program Metroid: Other M) in a Throwdown match.

In addition, every day for a week will bring new downloadable content in the form of more costumes and Throwdown matches, with 34 due between May 20th and June 22nd and a second opportunity to grab them between June 24th and July 27th. Here's the schedule for the following week:

20/5: Kasumi
21/5: Ayane
22/5: Kokoro
23/5: Leifang
24/5: Tina
25/5: La Mariposa
26/5: Hitomi

We don't have verification of a North American SpotPass schedule, but it will likely resemble this once it releases on May 24th. You can also check out our review of the game to get you pumped.


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daznsaz said:

got this today wheres krazybean good fight today if it was you top game ps hope this comment is acceptable 1st time ive come across a boss on the internet not of the gaming kind anyway



alLabouTandroiD said:

It should be like in the Layton games where you can download everything after it's gotten unlocked. Why are people paying the same price later punished ...



Rockmirth said:

FFS i cant get this i was at 4 stores and no one had it
is it possible to get the costumes unlocked later in the game?



Scarlet said:

EDIT: At least this promotion is repeated! I'm not planning on buying this immediately.



Raptor78 said:

Wow, First the weekly DLC for Shadow Warriors Chronicles and now this... Tecmo KOEI are really making sure you get more bang for your buck on the 3DS.



KrazyBean said:

@ daznsaz
Oh, so it was you I fought online...that was a great match. I need to polish up my skills a bit more (Do you mind if I can have your 3DS friend code?) =D

Also, yes, I got my SpotPass always feels so good seeing that blue light! Now I want the notification to say that it's time to update your Nintendo 3DS. =)



Kriedler said:

Awesome. My preorder didn't show today. I asked, and they said "SORRY DOOD WE DIDN'T ORDER ENUF"
And I don't know when mine's coming. I'm glad the promotion repeats '



Rockmirth said:

@8 according do some pages the game will not enter sweden norway and denmark due to its banned for child pornography



Kriedler said:

No sir, got it on
I asked them and they said they didn't order enough copies and mine would be along ASAP.... which probably means in like 3 weeks :@
But I did get free shipping on my next order to compensate



Tate24 said:

Such boss game cant stress enough blows SSF4 out of the ring!!

And hats off to tecmo and team ninja for free downloadable content right on launch day



Azikira said:

So are we pretty much guarenteed a second chance for DLC? Because that will seriously help my wallet until I get paid next.



Wildfire said:

Already had a throwdown match! I was in a middle of a shopping when I got the message for the match!
Awesome game!

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