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Gamestation Registering Customer Interest in Project Café

Posted by James Newton

Jumping the gun?

We're still over a month away from Nintendo's official reveal of its Wii successor, but that doesn't mean retailers aren't keen to get in there early and start securing customer interest.

Several Nintendo Life readers have reported UK retail chain Gamestation has already started registering customer interest in the new console under the name Project Café, though there's no word if stablemate GAME is offering the same service.

We're informed it's unlikely any information will be sent out to customers until after Nintendo's E3 presentation, and that this is not a deposit to secure a console, but even so it seems a little early in the day to start capturing customer data for a console we know nothing about.

Thanks to the readers who submitted this tip.

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moosa said:

It's interesting because we don't even know for sure if it's codename is Project Café.



SilverBaretta said:

Dang, that's really thinking ahead. I don't even live in the UK, but good on you, Gamestation!



Link79 said:

I'm willing to bet this "Cafe" word going around is not the codename for the actual system. It's probably just something about their new approach to online gaming.



moosa said:

@3 That evidence is not conclusive. I'm not saying I'd be surprised if it was called Project Cafe, but we have literally no official word about it besides "it's being made" (no duh; I can't believe people were even treating that like big news) and "we'll show you at E3."



moosa said:

@11 Well, it's just a codename... Gamecube was codenamed Dolphin. It doesn't necessarily even have to mean anything to the general public. Hence the purpose of "codename."

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