Good to the last drop?

Update: The images have now been removed from the development site, but are archived here for reference.

Many gamers and media outlets have been snooping around Nintendo's development site Wario World for some time now in the hopes of catching even a morsel of information about Nintendo's upcoming home console. Now it seems like all of that nosing around has finally paid off with the recent discovery of an image containing a rather familiar name.

The image below was found and still resides on Nintendo's Wario World developers site, but whether or not this is real or a joke Nintendo wants to play on all those poking their noses into the development site is still up in the air. Of course you have to admit that it's a bit interesting that this banner was uploaded to the site on the very same day that all of the rumors about the console began circulating around the internet.


It appears that Nintendo uploaded another image to the servers at Wario World on April 4th. That's about ten days before the internet rumour mill picked up on the name, meaning that the image is not a response to fan speculation but the genuine artifact. Rejoice! Concrete, non-rumour information!

Tell us what you think about this new official Nintendo image and whether or not you think it has merit or is Nintendo's wild sense of humor at work.

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