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Two Tribes Asks What You Want Them to Make on 3DS

Posted by James Newton

Other than Toki Tori

Dutch development studio Two Tribes has released titles on WiiWare and DSiWare, so it's only natural the team would want to move across to support the new Nintendo 3DS. What should they create, though? That's where you come in.

The team is openly soliciting ideas on the official Two Tribes blog, asking users what they would play on 3DS — with the exception of Toki Tori, which is almost certainly heading to the machine anyway.

Why not head over to the Two Tribes site and let them know what you'd like to see them make on 3DS?


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V8_Ninja said:

Team Meat and now these guys? I'm really surprised how many independent developers have a 3DS dev kit.



Link977 said:

so if this game would be 3D why is Toki Tori coming out of the bottom screen?



ImDiggerDan said:

@ballkirby1 - My comment was actually supposed to be a sly dig, Two Tribes missed out on doing Open Warfare 3... Shame, really, they did a fantastic job of OW2.



JaredJ said:

toki tori is an awesome game! I have it on wiiware and just downloaded on my ipad.



odd69 said:

make a 2D sidescroller with colorful vibrant characters, a nice rich detailed storyline, and dont forget a music that rawks the sawks

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