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Price Slashing Helps Sonic Colours Jump to UK Top 20

Posted by James Newton

That's better

Whilst the first week of sales for Sonic Colours on DS and Wii resulted in a disappointing 36th place for the hedgehog's latest outings, his second week on sale has seen significant gains, breaking into the UK Top 20 at number 18.

Whilst we like to think our Sonic Colours DS review and Sonic Colours Wii review helped boost his sales figures, the truth is that widespread price-slashing led to his ascent, certain online retailers selling the game as cheaply as £17.95 after just seven days on sale.

Whatever the cause, it's good news all-round that Sonic's first good retail platformer in a long time is picking up the sales it deserves.

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vbmetroid said:

hopes sonic colours sells ver well just wait untill december christmas will keep it high up



RebeccaGunn said:

Absolutely adore Sonic Colours Wii, I brought full price. But getting £15 from Argos for messing up the preorder bonus so I got it for virtually £16 anyhoo.

Still working on getting the red rings for now, I want me some (Spoiler removed) action!



Wiilicious said:

I also got a pretty good deal at Toysrus canada I bought Sonic colors (reg:49.99$) and Kirby Epic Yarn (reg:49.99$) for about 75$. it's about 35$ each plus tax. I'm quite happy with this.



taffy said:

Which online retailers are selling it on the cheap... I want to snag me a copy!!!



shinesprite said:

@8 Same here. I really like Sonic games, but I have so many other great games to get/play that this will probably be $20-$25 before I get around to it.



Token_Girl said:

Such a shame that it's the first GOOD sonic game in a long time, and it's getting a price drop so soon. Hopefully sales will be good enough in other territories, so Sega doesn't get the message that it doesn't matter if Sonic games are crap or good, because they sell about the same.



EdEN said:

Damn, that's some serious price slashing. Do they even make a profit like that?



Vinsanity said:

Meh. That's silly. What Sega had to wait for, quite simply, was for ads to start popping up on tv. When they launched the game in the US, there were no ads. I just saw commercials start up this week for the game(s), and also Sonic free Riders for Kinect. I'd guess that they're looking to get the Sonic fans first, than get the kids with the ads, than get the parents through the Christmas shopping time. Sonic games - and Mario, and Kirby, etc. - always sell well in December leading up to Christmas. They're like, free passes for bad parents, y'know? They'll never be a game with Mario or Sonic in the title that'll be bad for their kids.

Seems really weird and desperate to slash the price so soon, Sega Europe. But maybe you know what you're doing. There's gotta be a reason why Sega Japan made you guys in charge of "Sega West" and dismantled Sega of America but good.

Maybe this is seen as a "rebuilding year" by SEGA. The first great Sonic console game in quite awhile needs to be played and believed and they have to start turning around the negative word of mouth the series has picked up over the past 10 years, y'know? They're willing to take a hit on profits to do that?

At any rate, Colors is excellent. Gorgeous, addictive, loaded with content, fantastic music and great play mechanics. I got this on launch day for Wii and it's awesome. Those red coins are sooooo addictive! Sega has to keep building off of this design for sure, whether or not it sells well. But i do hope it sells well.



taffy said:

Ok i've checked,,,,,, and they are all showing it at full price. CAN SOMEONE TELL ME WHERE THEY ARE SELLING IT AT REDUCED PRICE PLEASE!!!!!!



cornishlee said:

@James Newton

So it's only the DS version that's had its price slashed so drastically? If so, this is a rather misleading article.



cornishlee said:


The article mentions both formats and the only price mentioned is £17.95. I did look on the same site and found that price, which is similar to Amazon's. I freely admit that it wasn't stated in the article specifically that the Wii release is that price, but by mentioning the release in association with only the one price bracket, it was implied - hence why I said the article was misleading (not wrong - misleading). A glance at the other comments in this thread would suggest that I wasn't the only one to read the article in this way.



taffy said:

@James Newton: cheers for that mate, I was actually looking for the Wii version. I just forked out for both Goldeneye and Black Ops AND the headset so I can't afford the full price for Colours at the moment, ah well patience is a virtue, but next month is Donkey Kong time baby!!!



KDR_11k said:

By UK standards those sales aren't really unusual, games are dirt cheap there.



Gamesake said:

Sometimes I wish Nintendo would slash their prices like Sega, but then they wouldn't be the penny pinchers we all know and love.

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