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Fri 3rd September, 2010

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Wiilicious commented on Super Mario Bros. 25th Anniversary Means Euro ...:

@Fuzzy:Club Nintendo SNES pads from Japan are compatible with us wiimotes. I Import one from Japan last years when there were affordable 35$us + 15 EMS Shipping. One of my best luck on Ebay ever. I hope we get the Mario Collection available in stores.



Wiilicious commented on And Yet It Moves:

@ballkirby1 Like someone previously said...this is not french it's italian. But you make me smile...Gulp. You make me doubt my first language is french.



Wiilicious commented on Metroid: Other M Tops Wii Sales Charts Worldwide:

A Boy and is Blob got a price drop in Canada in most store. It use to be around 25$can and it's now around 17,50$Can. This was a expensive week for me. I bought Red Steel 2 (29$can), NMH_2 (20$can), A Boy and is Blob (17,50$can) and Metroid onther M (60$ can). There is a hole in my wallet now...