Give a 'hog a home

Sonic Colours for DS and Wii have been garnering positive reviews all over the globe – don't worry, we're working on our reviews too – and launched in the UK on Friday with a somewhat unconventional marketing approach. Whilst there once was a time a Sonic game on Nintendo platforms would be eaten up by the games-buying public, Colours has performed very disappointingly, only managing to reach 36th place in the UK top 40.

As a comparison, Sonic Free Riders for Kinect, a launch title for a specialist and expensive sensor, was only two places below the multiformat hedgehog outing.

So what has led to Sonic Colours' low-impact appearance in the charts? The title has been well reviewed on both formats, but it launched in a very difficult week with both Call of Duty: Black Ops and the UK launch of Kinect eating up most of the country's game-buying money.

Let's hope Sonic Colours is on plenty of Christmas lists so the hedgehog doesn't have to go hungry this year.