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My Planetarium Trailer and Screenshots Look Stellar

Posted by James Newton

All in Japanese, though

The ESRB outed My Planetarium a month or so ago, and now the Japanese website has been updated with the first screenshots and trailer of Hudson's upcoming gaze 'em up.

With three different modes allowing you to view the night sky freely, learn about the history of constellations and search for particular clusters, nebulae and more, the game's development has been overseen by Junichi Watanabe, a researcher from the National Institute of Natural Sciences, so there should be plenty of galactic accuracy.

Check out the Japanese trailer below and stay tuned for more information on My Planetarium.

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SKTTR said:

The same midi tunes of classical songs that were in My Aquarium.



MeloMan said:

I don't have any speakers on this computer... were they speaking Japanese?

I love space... I'll have to see how this shapes up. I'd love to have some people over and have the constellations spinnin' around on the TV over conversation.



GammaGames said:

this looks cool, i wonder if it will be taken with infrared sensative cameras, more colors.



ClanDaith said:

I fail to see what this "game" is about. If you want to get a real planetarium program, google for "Stellarium". It works on Windows, Mac, and Linux. And it's free!

Note: I have no vested interest in Stellarium other than I use it and love it.

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