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Aussies Can Share Their Favourite Mario Moments to Win a DSi XL

Posted by James Newton

Red, blue or yellow up for grabs

North America's Super Mario Bros. 25th anniversary site opened recently, and now Nintendo of Australia has launched its 25th Anniversary competition website offering one misty-eyed gamer the chance to win a brand new DSi XL.

If your entry is selected as the best Mario memory, you could win a red, blue or yellow DSi XL as well as a copy of New Super Mario Bros.. Need to brush up on Mario's history? The History of Mario Bros. site has you well covered.


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Spoony_Tech said:

Its only fair we here in America have had so many contests lately! ! Good luck to ya!



Aviator said:

Its not like we never get competitions, we have quite a few actually.



skywake said:

I would say playing Mario Kart DS with friends at UNI. Getting hit by a lightning bolt on the upside down part of rainbow road and falling back for first place.... or in Super Mario Kart setting up red shells in battle mode so they orbited P2.... but its not the main series and I don't think they wants that.

Spending hours between lectures playing Mario vs. Luigi on New SMB on the DS.... or the Haunted Houses in Super Mario World. Ahh, soo hard to pick!



skywake said:

I said: "Having fun with good friends between lectures playing Mario vs. Luigi on New Super Mario Bros... Ground Pound!!"



sonic_brawler95 said:

Lol, I just beat New Super Mario bros. again on my XL, then I saw this contest.

Since I'm in the US, all I can say is congrats to whoever win this contest.



Punny said:

My favorite Mario moment was playing Super Mario Galaxy for the first time, but I'm not an Aussie!



LztheQuack said:

Playing NSMB Wii with a friend and making the game MUCH more difficult than normal



xAlias said:

Not an Aussie? Just build a time machine, kidnap your parents, and force them to move to Australia!
(I was kidding, by the way)



WiiLovePeace said:

Maybe someone should update the news post as the competition is for 1 lucky winner of a DSi XL & NSMB game per week, not just one overall.
@MarioPartyFan999 - you're only allowed to enter once so I hope you've used different names for each of your entries or else they'll disqualify you - NO CHEATING!

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