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You're Going to Need a Bigger Boat for 101 Shark Pets

Posted by James Newton

Portable pets coming to DSiWare

The Teyon DSiWare production line keeps on going: with five DSiWare titles already released from the Polish publisher it's now time to meet the company's next outing, 101 Shark Pets.

The game allows you to befriend one of over 100 sharks before customising them with accessories and entering them into beauty competitions. You'll also be able to teach your pet tricks, finally fulfilling the dreams of anyone who saw Jaws at the cinema.

Heading to North American DSis on Monday and costing 500 Points, here's a trailer of 101 Shark Pets to – wait for it – get your teeth into.

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B-ry said:

I wish they would do something like this using Pokemon on dsiware



Kyloctopus said:

I don't know. I can see some glitches going on with 3D sharks putting on glasses or hats.



MysticX said:

Question is: Can they also wear Frickin' laserbeams on their heads? The evil geniuses must know!



breegullblaster said:

ive been waiting for a good pet sim for dsi ware. im so sick of immortal pets though (which i can only assume these sharks are.) when you dont feed your pets they should die. i stopped playing nintendogs because it seemed that for the most part they just didnt need me.



xAlias said:

Sounds decently decent, so decent that I will check out the doubtfully decent review!



Morpheel said:

these are what i have been waiting from teyon since i saw them in their page i cant wait to hear how this turns out

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