101 Shark Pets (DSiWare)

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Over 100 sharks to adopt, love and play with!

Choose from over 101 baby sharks or simply adopt them all! Discover their personalities as you feed, clean and care for your new pets. Bring out your pet's talents by training your shark in a variety of fun and wacky activities. Enter your shark into pet shows and earn money to buy exciting upgrades including toys, food, clothes, accessories and more! The more tricks you teach and the more games you play, the more fun you'll have! You'll never be bored with so many new best friends to pamper, play with and love!


Over 100 baby sharks to choose
A hundred of accessories and upgrades to achieve
Beauty Show Competitions
3D virtual world
Pet customization (breeds, skin tints, gender)
Even 7 mini-games to play with a pet

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USA USA Version

Posted by Zach Kaplan

Shark weak

Part virtual pet, part mini-game compilation, 101 Shark Pets cobbles together enough halfway-decent features to create a slightly above average game that younger audiences ought to enjoy. While its individual parts could never hold up on their own, within...

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User Comments (8)



Morpheel said:

teyon, i have my hopes in you! dont dissapoint me!

edit: and they didnt, thanks teyon! but lying about the amonunt of pets you can adopt is bad!



egrane said:

if any game had the potential for a mature rating, this one did. imagine throwing your boss or ex to the shark-well, we,ll never know. feeding an apple to a shark? i'm gonna tell peta. not even lazer beams, sheesh.



Morpheel said:

As far as i am concerned they never advertised this as a "mature" game.
Its a pet sim sheesh.



Morpheel said:

i never said i was disspaointed, i actually enjoy a lot the game. sheesh.



Zippy_21 said:

This game is .
1. you don't have to walk a shark to go to the bathroom. they should have you clean the tank
2. you don't need to water a shark
3. sharks do not eat out of food bowl like cats and dogs. just trow them a fish.
4. shark do not need a floaty bed thing for sleeping. the small cavern things are fine though.
5. sharks do not where hats. sun glasses, collars. or cloths
this game isn't at all realistic, it stupid. It is suitable for a five year old yes, but they need to be more realistic

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