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Your Love for Sonic Could Earn You a Trip to Sega Japan

Posted by James Newton

If you can ably express it in video format, that is

It's Sonic's 19th birthday today, and Sega isn't showering Nintendo fans with game discounts; in fact, it's offering something far better.

If you really, really love Sonic – and everybody does, of course – your passion for the blue speedball could win you a trip to Sega Japan to meet the Sonic development team. All you have to do is create a video and upload it to YouTube, and Sega will choose the ten best to be featured on the Sonic the Hedgehog 4 website. Following that, the Sonic and Sega community will select the most deserving entry to win the prize and jet off to Japan, with a runner-up prize of a 32GB iPod Touch.

Here's the official announcement from Sega to fill you in on all the details. Good luck!

SEGA Launches Creative Video Contest as Sonic the Hedgehog Turns Nineteen

Talented Fan Filmmakers Could Win a Trip to Tokyo!

SAN FRANCISCO & LONDON - June 23, 2010

SEGA® of America, Inc. and SEGA Europe Ltd. today announced that they have launched a video contest to celebrate Sonic the Hedgehog’s 19th anniversary. Two lucky grand prize winners (one from America, one from the UK) will each receive a trip for two to Tokyo to visit SEGA Japan and meet the Sonic development team.

“In honor of the nineteenth anniversary of our favorite hedgehog, we wanted to find a special way to thank Sonic’s fans throughout the years,” said Haruki Satomi, executive vice president of SEGA of America. “We think this contest is a great way to give fans a chance to express their creativity, enthusiasm and support for Sonic.”

Over the course of the next two weeks, contestants can upload their videos showing their appreciation and love for Sonic the Hedgehog to YouTube and then submit them for judging on the official Sonic 4 Contest Page. Videos will be judged on creativity, entertainment and effort; the ten best will be chosen by SEGA and showcased on the official Sonic the Hedgehog 4 website.

Sonic fans and the entire SEGA community will then choose their favorite to win either the grand prize trip to Tokyo, or a prize of a 32 GB iPod touch®.
Think you’ve got the creativity to compete against the biggest Sonic fans out there? Learn more about the competition at

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hatty475 said:

I haven't looked at the contest rules yet, but I'm thinking of using this video I made back in 2008



AUnkownFuture said:

i would join this competition but it said 2 winners 1 from UK and 1 from USA. I suppose Sega have no love for Ireland.



Kidpit said:

I hate to use an overused meme but since it fits...




mjc0961 said:

"If you really, really love Sonic – and everybody does, of course –"

HAHAHAHAHA! Good one. Maybe 16 or so years ago we did.



Bensei said:

NOOOO! Why limiting it to UK and USA? I'd understand if only one continent was involved, but just UK of whole Europe? Narrrrgh!



Sylverstone said:

Well, I have some love for Sonic but I think Prosody is a man who can express it rather fully.

Go James!



LordJumpMad said:

I like Sonic

Hes Fun to Falcon Punch at.

What!?, The Blue dude is not what he use to be........



James said:

Ohh, you guys and your feigned indifference to the world's greatest character ever. Shucks.



killer6370 said:

dammn this sound great and i could talk to them because am learning japanese but im not that good in making Videos and clips



WiiLovePeace said:

This competition definitely doesn't honour Sonic's birthday when it doesn't include countries outside of the UK & USA in the competition... Don't they think we want to go to SEGA Japan too?



greenellow said:

i rather have the ipod. but i dont want to embarass myself on youtube because of this =P lol the internet is forever

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