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Podcast: Episode 15 - This Nintendo Life

Posted by James Newton

Brand new segment debuts!

It's been a longer gap than usual between podcasts but May's episode is now available, fresh from the oven and made with only the freshest ingredients.

Chop up a delicious arrangement of news and reviews, add a dash of Kim Wild's Wii Fit Plus and mix in Zach Kaplan's new retro feature This Nintendo Life. Bake for thirty minutes and serve with fresh bread and plenty of discussion!

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Our next show is on June 7th, just in time for Nintendo's E3 showing, so we want to know: what announcement would make your E3 complete? Anything from a new F-Zero with online career mode to Power Glove 2. Whatever you can think of, let us know: email it to the podcast team, Tweet it to us on Twitter or leave a voicemail on our Skype account nintendolife. However you get involved, let us know your wildest fantasies for E3!

Missed a past episode of the Nintendo Life podcast? You can find the complete archive here, including Jon's stellar chip and game music show NLFM. Want to make sure you never miss an episode again? Well then, subscribe to our Podcast feed (using iTunes) or download it using this direct link. You can also find us on iTunes, follow us on Twitter for the latest news and get in touch using the Contact form's new podcast option.

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James said:

If you'd listened carefully you'll realise the gap was because you had two podcasts in March (plus my appearance on Moonhawk Studios Presents.)

Back to business now though, next show June 7th.



Sean_Aaron said:

Nice one James! I like the new feature with Zach and co., it'll be interesting to see how that develops in future.



CCowell125 said:

Used to casually read VC reviews, but Nintendo Life is awesome (dunno why it took me so long to sign up an account).

Great podcast episode Prosody.



Zach said:

@Sean thanks for saying so, I hope that everyone else enjoys the new segment as well.



LztheQuack said:

Darn, I might miss the next one

I got a good feeling about this podcast. iTunes finally realized I had a subscription and downloaded it automatically



Machu said:

Woah, I nearly missed this, it was hiding under a news-fest. Gonna listen now.

edit: Oh yes, really good hearing you jabber on about MHTri dude. It's special, it really is, so much so it should be a 10. Enjoyed the new feature too!

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