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Eminem Prepping Donkey Kong High Score Attempt?

Posted by Damien McFerran

Rapper's Tweet suggests he's a mean Kong player

Considering it's a crusty old arcade machine from a few decades back Donkey Kong sure is grabbing a lot of headlines recently.

First there was the amazing King of Kong movie based around Steve Wiebe and Billy Mitchell's titanic struggle to achieve the best DK score in history.

More recently we're seen a relative newcomer grab the accolade when Hank Chien ranked 1,061,700 on the machine earlier this month.

Now the tale has taken a rather unexpected turn with million-selling rapper Eminem tweeting a photo of a Donkey Kong score screen, followed by the text:

To my fellow Kongers, peep the new high score. Just imagine if I had more free time...

While his top score of 465,800 is unlikely to trouble Wiebe, Mitchell and Chien, it's still better than many of us here could ever hope to achieve and proves that the rapper has some serious Kong skills.

Whatever next? Ice Cube shows off his best Paperboy score? Snoop Dogg admits he can one-credit Strider?


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Raylax said:

NintendoLife News. Brought to you straight from the bowels of random.

But seriously, awesome story. What the hell. Also what grenworthshero said, one of few (probably the only) rappers I can stand. Don't like the music as such, but the lyrics are often funny.



jackaroo said:

@grenworthshero : Same here. Im not a huge rapper fan but Eminem I like.

This is pretty cool though. Out of all the celebritys to be a good donkey kong player though I never wouldve expected Eminem. Wonder if any more celebs will try and grab his high score. I reckon thats gonna be the next reality show. Celebrity Gamer! You heard it here first folks.



aaronsullivan said:

I know what he means by "imagine if I had more time", but why say it? Many, many people could do more if they "had more time". The impressive ones are the people who actually commit the time and accomplish something. No hating on Eminem for this, though. He's obviously learned to commit to something else!



Machu said:

Well if he's pwning high scores it means he's off the tranquilizers, which makes me happy. One of my favourite dudes on the planet, he just don't give a ****, and he makes me laugh too.



Yanagi said:

Now if only Flavor Flav can get the record high score on Defedner, my life would be complete.



shake_zula said:

I thought I loved Eminem before, but now... He's pretty much the most awesome person who has ever lived.



Sylverstone said:

Lol, Eminem's got some form of game but it's gonna take more than 465,800 to reach the big leagues.



StarDust4Ever said:

Only reason he has the time to tweak his game and tweet high scores is because nobody cares about his music anymore. Most of his claim to fame was based on shock value, and now because nothing he does really shocks the world anymore, he's sitting in his garage using his idle time to beef up on donkey Kong

I'm good enough to rescue Pauline once or twice, but if walled myself in a garage for months on end with nothing but a donkey Kong Arcade Machine, I would probably get really good too. But I've got more to live for than that.



Tri4ceHolder said:

Eminem is awesome. I love his rap, and the fact the in his songs he mentions hoe he's the king of Donkey Kong. He is amazing. Marshall Mathers is amazing.

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