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Metroid: Other M Denied Set Release Date in Europe

Posted by Anthony Dickens

North American gamers rejoice, Europeans will have to wait longer for Other M, currently scheduled for "Q3" release.

Metroid™: Other M, the incredible new Metroid game developed for Wii through a collaboration by Nintendo and the world-renowned Team Ninja, launches June 27 (North America). The game looks at the classic franchise from a new perspective: While much of the game is reminiscent of 2-D side-scrollers, players can switch the perspective into 3-D at any time as they explore the twisting passages of a derelict space station and delve deep into a cinematic, never-before-told story of bounty hunter Samus Aran’s past. This new approach uses a new control scheme in which players use the Wii Remote™ controller held sideways to battle enemies and navigate the expansive, gorgeous environments in classic Metroid fashion, then aim at the screen with the Wii Remote pointer to blast foes in first-person and hunt the world for clues and hidden passages.

Although us Europeans won't be getting the game just yet, our brave soldiers down in London will be playing the game later today and will of course provide everyone with their hands-on opinions.

Nintendo has confirmed at today's European Gamer's Summit that the game is currently scheduled for release in Europe sometime in "Q3" - that's Jul/Aug/Sep to you and me. Boo.

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Damo said:

Awwww, man. This is possibly the game that has me the most excited right now. Q3? Sheesh.



Guybrush_Threepwood said:

Disappointing news. Same release dates (difference of only a few days would be alright, too) for Europe and North America should be standard nowadays. This is the only Wii game I'm really excited about this year (that's one more than last year though).



Machu said:

I'm a lil bit disappointed, but it's still sooner than expected.

edit: screens look sveeet!




TBH, financially that suits me ok to have it in Q3...though I am salivating for it sooner like most. At least I get to know a great deal about what the game is like from the NA revws of it.



Golgo said:

That control scheme sounds simple, ingenious and fantastic. Can't wait.



andol123 said:

Wonder why we Europeans are always have to wait.. well almost always. Did we ever offend Nintendo?



thelight said:

Maybe it will be Galaxy 2 in Q2, Other M in Q3 and Zelda in Q4. Maybe they don't want to set a Metroid date yet so it does'nt clash with Zelda or they don't know if Zelda will release this year or not so they want a potential holiday filler. I doubt it but here's hoping.



Starwolf_UK said:

I knew it was sounding too good to true. It almost seems like it is written in a contract somewhere that NOE must have at least 1 game that turns up months late and 1 which gets lost in transit (last year was ExciteBots, what will this year bring...or sohlud I say not bring?)



KrazyKain said:

oh yeah, i forgot about excitebots.. still want that game but by the time we euros get it (if ever) the online might be dead as Americans are already bored of it.

I think translation has something to do with it, but i doubt it adds that much time to it.



Starwolf_UK said:

I was just reminded. We already have plenty of lost in transit candidates:
Glory of Heracles, Fossil Fighters, The Legendary Starfy
(I think the latter 2 are lost for sure)

As for ExciteBots. It sold terribly in America and I gather Nintendo had to price protect it like mad to avoid retailer returns and even with the must lower price the price protection gave it still didn't sell well. Nintendo is 110% money focused so they won't bother bringing over a game that they feel is justified and destined to lose money (we do things for the long there is lots of profit to be had so fans are not getting unprofitable games).

Americans: You can replace the word ExciteBots with Another Code: R and the word America with Europe and you're pretty much on the truth (though it had little retail presence).



nintendoduffin said:

While it's not exactly an ideal situation that we have to wait a few months longer than our friends across the pond, I think this needs to be put in some perspective. Super Mario World was released in America before we even had our hands on Mario Bros 3 so it's pretty safe to say that regional delays have become shorter and we even get some games first these days, Europe had Minish Cap before America or even Japan.



OldBoy said:

Great preview on IGN for this game. Sounds awesome from what they say. I'll definetly be picking this one up. I think this is gonna be a Prime beater!!

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