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Wed 24th Feb 2010

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thelight commented on Metroid: Other M Denied Set Release Date in Eu...:

Maybe it will be Galaxy 2 in Q2, Other M in Q3 and Zelda in Q4. Maybe they don't want to set a Metroid date yet so it does'nt clash with Zelda or they don't know if Zelda will release this year or not so they want a potential holiday filler. I doubt it but here's hoping.



thelight commented on Trailer: Super Mario Galaxy 2 + Screenshots:

Roll on june 11th. I must play through Galaxy again soon in anticipation of this. I hope they get rid of the ball rolling sections though as I sucked at those. As for Sonic in Galaxy 2, I am a long term member on the Ngamer forums and I have never known Matthew to BS about anything, so I have no reason to doubt it's true.



thelight commented on Last Ninja 3 Pulled From European Virtual Console:

Whoa. I am in another one of my C64 moods and was just about to splurge on a load of C64 VC games this weekend. I had never heard of this problem before but am glad it's now pulled before I bought it. Thanks Betagam7 for keeping up the pressure and giving the VC 1 less shoddy port.