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DSiWare Enters Tie-Break with VT Tennis

Posted by Trevor Chan

Spanish developer Virtual Toys serves up some tennis

In between tournament seasons and need a tennis fix? Starting next Monday, you can get the strawberries and cream out of the fridge as you start preparing for a Summer of sports with a new tennis title on the DSi.

VT Tennis will feature a Quickmatch mode where you can tweak certain settings and get off to a quick game. The number of games, and the number of sets in a match can be decided, as can the difficulty level and the sex of your player.

Within the World Championship career mode, players must work their way up the rankings, unlocking new courts as you compete in tournaments based around the world. Once unlocked, the courts can be used in the Quickmatch mode, in singles and doubles.

There will also be multiple court surfaces to play on. Learn and develop techniques to master the grass, clay, and hard courts. Beat the best and progress through all seventeen courts, or if you're struggling and need to put in some practice; you can spend some time at the Tennis School.

North American gamers can start swiping the stylus on the touchscreen to perform their serves, lobs, and smashes on VT Tennis from March 1st for 500 DSi Points. Will there be a surprise feature where grunts are picked up on the DSi mic and converted to Andy Roddick style aces? It's... doubtful.

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Used to have Sega Superstar Tennis on the DS (I had the wii version once too) and while I appreciated it, I didn't like playing it on the DS. I'm not sure I'd go for this. I'll need a review



FonistofCruxis said:

Are you sure that 1st March is the European release date because thats a Monday and our update day is Friday. The announcers voice made me lol.



arielp said:

isn't that RAFA NADAL TENNIS, its exactly the same, design, menu, gameplay, graphics, etc... maybe abit polished.



siavm said:

This looks okay. And I check the site and it is coming to the NA March 1st not europe. It may still come that week though.



cheapogamer4life said:

Wow, the only game that Ive been waiting for since I heard it was coming to EU will be here in the US on Monday! Insta Buy

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