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VT Tennis 2010
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1 (Single Player)
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  • US 1st Mar 2010, 500 points
  • EU 30th Apr 2010, 500 points
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    Don't get court out

    You'd think developers would be racing to bring a MotionPlus-capable tennis game to WiiWare at the moment, especially after Wii Sports Resort didn't include a new version (unless ping-pong is enough to satisfy you). However, Virtual Toys has decided to skip the Wii Shop for now and release their new VT Tennis as DSiWare, offering...

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About The Game

VT Tennis is the most competitive and addictive tennis game for the Nintendo DSiWare. Virtual Toys’ experience in this kind of games will help you to turn into the new international circuit champion.

Train your budding tennis star to serve, lob and smash your way to victory with precision swipes in all directions, using its innovative Nintendo DS stylus and Touch Screen controls!

Advance your player statistics in this fast-paced tournament of game modes, featuring Quickmatch, Tennis School & World Championship!

Play a quick singles or doubles match on one of the available courts. In quick match mode, you can modify all the game settings such as the game difficulty, sex of your player and the number of games and sets per match. There are various locked courts which you can only play once you have progressed in career mode.

The objective in career mode is to become nº 1 in the world rankings. To do this, the player will have to unlock courts as he competes in championships all over the world.

At the start of career mode, the player will see himself in last place in the rankings. From this moment on, you must battle your way up to be among the top players. You can play on all types of surface: grass, clay and hard courts and learn the best techniques for winning each tournament on the different surfaces. Seventeen tough courts, each more difficult than the last, stand between you and your final victory.