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Heart Gold/Soul Silver Aussie Release Date Announced

Posted by Brad Long

Later than America, sooner than Europe! Pokewalker included

Nintendo Australia have made the announcement that they will be releasing Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver on March 25th - a whole day before Europe gets it!

They've also given the Australians a reason to go out and walk as it's recently been confirmed that the Pokewalker peripheral will indeed come packaged with the game.

For those not in the know by now, the Pokewalker is basically a pedometer that allows you to transport any one Pokemon you've caught into the device and take it out on walks with you, gaining experience as you walk. It's also a good way to collect some items and you can even capture Pokemon on the go with it and then transfer them back to the DS title.

This is definitely one of the most anticipated DS titles of 2010 and one that will likely guarantee that Pokemania will start all over again come March!


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Sneaker13 said:

I'm getting this for sure. I can't wait to train my Bulbasaur with the Pokewalker.



Roopa132 said:

I just realised that Australia isn't even in the Release Date list. It never is
Well but good for you Aussies



fatlittlenick said:

good news, can't wait to get a copy of Soul-Silver. It'll mark around nearly 10 years ago that i had Silver on GBC. Great times.



GamerZack87 said:


...erm...sorry about that...but still...woo-hoo! I can finally play my way through Johto again! The trouble this time is choosing which of the two to preorder...hmm...I know! I choose both! That way I can obtain both of the preorder bonuses!



Objection said:

I am mostly done with Pokemon, but Silver is one of my favorite childhood games, so I'll probably spring for the remake.



Bananahh said:

yes, a whole day earlier, thats soo good ahhaha, jks @ChibiLink: The bonus is most likely from EB Games or JB HiFi. I dont know what it is tho :



Aviator said:

EB and GAME have no pre-order bonus, but there presenting the Pokéwalker like its worth $30. JB Hi-Fi haven't got SS or HG on record.



Phoenix_Dark said:

The poke-walker comes with all the games... thats no bonus. I'm happy with when Australia gets the games... but I'm disappointed that we NEVER get any bonuses. No Hand crafted figures. Rarely a promotional pokemon. Even in Sydney its rare. The Games look great though.

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