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Poketunes: Translated Interview with Heart Gold and Soul Silver Sound Team

Posted by Rebecca Gunn

Musical discussions and a few curious tidbits

In Japan on 28th October 2009, the soundtrack for the newest Pokémon titles, Heart Gold and Soul Silver, was released. The three CD set came with a booklet containing various details and a six page interview with the sound team.

Pokémon fansite Dogasu's Backpack has translated the interview in full along with various members of the Pokémon community. It includes some interesting background on a few tracks in the game (did you know the Safari Zone tune has lyrics?) and discussion on an interesting feature in the new remakes which may please some old-school fans: a GB Player that players obtain after beating both Johto and Kanto Leagues which changes in-game music to the Game Boy versions

"There was never a CD release for the original Gold and Silver, so we thought we could use the GB Player to include the old versions of these tracks and make the fans happy" says Ichinose Gou who was Sound Lead. Kageyama Shouta added "Even though we basically included the GB Player for nostalgia purposes, we also included Game Boy arrangements of the newer stuff...We didn't just transfer the original versions over, either; we re-composed the songs from scratch."

Check the link below for more musical musing (and for the Safari Zone Lyrics!)


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theblackdragon said:

it's kinda awesome that they put so much feeling and thought into something so (seemingly) simple as background music. :3



Roopa132 said:

Pokémon has great songs. Most people don't even realize it but I sometimes put my headphones on and just listen to the music. Especially the trainers have nice themes that most people don't even hear because they immediately press B or A when a trainer attacks them.

Maybe I will get this game after all.



Porky said:

I still have a Ds light thats in bad condition so I haven't bought games for it since. Im buying Hg and Ss because Im so interested in them!



HipsterDashie said:

I do enjoy the music from the Pokemon games. One of my favourites from GSC has to be the music from Tohjo Falls. Also, some of the SSBB remixes really give me goosebumps (Dialga/Palkia theme, amirite?).

The addition of the GB player makes a great addition. 8-bit tunes for the win.



Raylax said:

The Pokémon games have some killer tracks in them, especially for really important battles like Champions and Legendaries. The music alone for the Battle Frontier Brains in Platinum and Emerald made it well worth the effort to reach them.

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