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Sokomania Coming to DSiWare

Posted by Corbie Dillard

Cinemax announces their first DSiWare release.

Czech independent game developer Cinemax have just announced that their upcoming DSiWare release Sokomania will be coming to the European DSiWare service sometime in November 2009.

You can check out a snippet of information from the official press release along with screenshots and a gameplay trailer of the game in action below.

Sokomania is a variation on a warehouse keeper theme (Sokoban).

There are several crates placed on the playing area. The player controls a figure that can push the crates forward. The aim is to get all the crates on the places designated.

Game mechanics

The first episode is the same as the classic Sokoban. The logic is restricted to the figure being able to push only one crate. It’s impossible to move a crate once it is placed on the target place.

The second episode adds inertia to the movement of crates. According to the arrow symbol drawn on the crate the inertia can be horizontal, vertical, omni directional or none at all. When the player pushes the crate in the direction of its arrow, it continues to move until it hits an obstacle. If the obstacle is another crate with the inertia in the given direction, it starts to move too (the first crate stops).

The third episode adds special squares that turn any crate that moves on them. According to the symbol shown on the square it turns the crate by 90 degrees clockwise or counter-clockwise or by 180 degrees.

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We'll have more information on Sokomania as it becomes available, as well as a full review when the game hits the DSiWare service.


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Philip_J_Reed said:

Cinemax is making games now? Awesome. I hope HBO gets in on this and brings us a Curb Your Enthusiasm game. Or Art Style: Soprano.



DK_vs_KK said:

I'm not a big fan of these mind-bending puzzle games, but Sokomania uses a well-known concept, which should appeal to everyone.



Odnetnin said:

Not another puzzle game!
I mean, they're awesome and all, but I'd like to see more variety on the DSiWare service (more stuff like Thorium Wars, for example).



JayArr said:

I find that weird crate pusher guy more intimidating than the puzzles.

Should I feel ashamed?



cheetahman91 said:

Looks like a fun (probably challenging) puzzle game. Probably should be nice and cheap though. (hopefully)



SanderEvers said:

Based on sokoban, well it could be interesting. I used to (20 years ago or so) love that game



FATEM said:

@Chicken -In the Curb Your Enthusiasm game you would misunderstand a puzzle, make a social faux pas and then spend the next 20 minutes being reprimanded for it.

This game reminds me a lot of some of the gym puzzles from Pokemon.



Reala said:

At 200 points it would be worth a try, 500 points though I'd most likely try Bomberman instead.



Philip_J_Reed said:

"In the Curb Your Enthusiasm game you would misunderstand a puzzle, make a social faux pas and then spend the next 20 minutes being reprimanded for it."

800 points well spent.



Reala said:

Great to hear, at the price I'm sure it will appear on the top 20 in no time.

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