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Ashes Developer Loses A Third of its Staff

Posted by James Newton

Australian studio Transmission Games makes unfortunate lay-offs

Despite the sales success of Ashes Cricket 2009 - and the enormous number of emails we receive about it here at Nintendo Life - the game's original developer Transmission Games (the Wii version was ported by UK-based Gusto Games) has just had to let go a third of its staff due to another potential project falling through. It's understood that the lay-offs primarily included quality assurance and programmers, although there's no exact information available.

The studio were planning to work on a new game licensed from a film property but the deal fell through, leaving the team without a project for as long as the next three months. However, alleged internal emails claim that Cricket 2010 is in the works for a release next year, proving Transmission is still very much up and running despite these regrettable redundancies.

This sad news is unlikely to affect the potential NTSC release of Ashes Cricket 2009 though, so there's still hope on that front for North American cricket fans.


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-TR said:

The tags are the best thing about the article. Good show!



JayArr said:

" there's still hope on that front for North American cricket fans."

I think I could a find a unicorn faster than a North American cricket fan.



warioswoods said:


My thoughts exactly; why bother importing this to the States, pleasing maybe 5 people, when so many great Japanese games haven't come over yet that US gamers would go crazy for.

Well, I guess there's less localization work to do for this. Just changing a few crazy "-entre" and "-our" spellings, and fixing the textures for the character's teeth. XD



James said:

@-TR - care to elaborate on that?

@JayArr - you'd be amazed how many emails we've had about this from users from all sorts of NTSC regions - it seems the demand really is there!




No chance of a wiimotionplus cricket game by them then?

But seriously, I sympathise with those people losing their jobs. That's a real fracker. I hope they find work elsewhere.



Bankai said:

@ "I think I could a find a unicorn faster than a North American cricket fan."

I know Americans think they're the only country in the world, much less North America, but Canada does play cricket on the world stage - competing in world cup competitions and the like.

So I suggest you just jump over the border. It'll be easier than finding a unicorn, I promise.

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