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Lego Indy 2: The Adventure Continues

Posted by Jamie Giggs

LucasArts speaks about the Lego Indy sequel.

The sequel to Lego Indy will apparently be an all-new experience, however, similar to the first game, it will feature action from the original adventures.

"Nothing is recycled for LEGO Indy 2," said project lead Kellam Eanes.

According to Official Nintendo Magazine UK, Traveller's Tales has gone about re-telling the original adventures while adding in material from the latest movie, Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. Each movie will feature brand new levels, too.

Eanes went then proceeded to speak about how you'll be able to build your own LEGO stages in Indy 2.

Players can build their own traps, place studs, enemies, vehicles, and literally develop their very own LEGO Indy adventure from the ground up. Players choose a theme (backdrop) and using "builder" characters can expand their world to include water, lava, mountains, and countless challenges throughout. Once in play mode, you can play your level over and over and see your traps and unlockables come to life.

It all sounds rather good. As long as LucasArts makes it a fresh new experience then surely this will be another great addition to the Lego series.


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irken004 said:

This is why I didn't buy the first one, since it was obvious that they'd make a sequel.



Terra said:

I Don't think they've released any screens for the 2nd game yet



JonWahlgren said:

If you look up top, you'll see that this story is tied to the original game, which explains why the screens are from that.



y2josh said:

Bah bah bah bahhh-bah bah bahhhh-bah bah bah bahhhh-bopity bah bah bah



hobbes said:

There were only three Indiana Jones. This so called newest one doesn't exist.



y2josh said:

I enjoyed the new one myself. Way better than the temple of doom IMO.




The latest film was by far the poorest. I have no inclination to buy the video game either EVEN with the potentially brillaint level creator



CowLaunch said:

I wonder if you have to hide in a fridge to avoid nuclear obliteration in the game.



dsijared said:

i like lego starwars but lego batman really stunk on the wii so i prob won't be getting this



dsijared said:

i like lego starwars but lego batman really stunk on the wii so i prob won't be getting this



edofthe209 said:

I enjoyed Lego Batman and LOVED Lego Star Wars, The Lego Indy was kinda weak IMO. Ending up as the girl in the 2nd movie was just boring as all holy hell. The idea of a level creator is kinda cool, so I might have to check this out. Honestly, it's Lego Harry Potter that has my interest at this point. Magic should play just like the force, so it should be a good possiblility that it could be as good as Lego SW.



Viral said:

I honestly don't think this is a solution to add ONE FILM into a GREAT TRILOGY. Besides, Crystal Skull was extremely weak. And another thing, they are making a 5th Indiana Jones film according to an interview in Nuts. What are they going to do then? Release it a third time with the additional 5th movie?



dgold said:

Level-Builder would be cool if you could share your levels online with others. As for the article, @Jamie check: "Eanes went then proceeded to speak about how..." I believe "Earnes said" would work.



Thomas_Joseph said:

What would be cool is if you could send the levels you can create to other people to play via Wii Connect.

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