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Sun 26th Jul 2009

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dgold commented on Review: ShadowPlay (WiiWare):

ShadowPlay now sounds more appealing, because of some statements in the review. I like having some game options that are not rushed, more casual pace, as if always on pause, so you can make your moves when you feel like it, or set the wiimote down for a minute at any time you like. Since the timer of ShadowPlay is only counting up without limit, it sounds like each round of this game could be played at your own pace.



dgold commented on Review: Monopoly (Wii):

The music repeats over and over on each board, and it can get annoying when a long game of Monopoly is underway (the same song for an hour??). Since this game has only one Option (Subtitles on or off), you don't get the expected choice of Music Volume and Commentary Volume, to set up / down / or off. I was shocked at the lack of Options in the Options screen. Am I missing something?



dgold commented on Miis Race to the Finish in Sonic Racing:

I like to play myself in games, such as using the Mii character. Mario Kart Wii already features this (your Miis can show up in the crowds in the background too, and even as balloons, statues, and decorations along the track). It could be cool to see this in another racing game with different features.



dgold commented on Keep Rollin' Rollin' Rollin' with Sushi Go Round:

Love the idea of being able to take a picture of your friends / family, and put their face on the customers ordering sushi in the game. They should make a way to do this on the Wii too -- even without a camera attachment, you could place a JPG on your SD card and import it to the game from there (if the game allows for this).



dgold commented on Excitebike: World Rally Coming To WiiWare:

ExciteTruck is probably my most-played and favorite game on Wii.

Also I remember ExciteBikes from the arcade. Is the new ExciteBike: World Rally for WiiWare going to take any of the features from ExciteTruck and ExciteBots?



dgold commented on Interviews: The Code Monkeys:

That is fascinating about "getting hold of DSi dev kits is... interesting, to say the least". As a gamer who is interested in coding, development, Nintendo's approval process, and intellectual property issues --- I would love to know more about the hoops 3rd party developers go through to get development kits and permissions from N. I'm interested in both how N facilitates developers (what's in the dev kit?), and also what obstacles developers face (in getting access to the dev kit).



dgold commented on Review: Little Tournament Over Yonder (WiiWare):

Looks kind of like "Penguins & Friends: Hey That's My Fish", a little-known WiiWare title. The board-game "squares" on the map, and the turn-based, are the main things that look like Penguins & Friends.



dgold commented on Epic Mickey Is Exclusive To Wii:

Click on the artwork in the article - View it full sized. Looks wild! The mouse himself appears to be dripping bleeding paint. Fantasia like rhythms spring to mind. We will all have to try swinging this paint brush around.



dgold commented on Nintendo Super Guide Mode in NSMB Wii: The Det...:

So I can just WATCH the game, without actually being bothered to press buttons and move around? That could be very awesome and relaxing. Kind of like a game, that is a movie. This is better than Motion Plus or Natal. This is like, Motion Free.



dgold commented on Limited Edition Wii Sports Resort Bundle to Fe...:

Along with packaging WSR and M+ with a new Wii Bundle in the UK, this also seems like another part of Nintendo's strategy to make WSR as much of a top-selling title as Wii Sports. Plus the strategy to get M+ widely adopted in order to persuade 3rd party developers to code for M+ support.



dgold commented on Stunt Cars Gameplay Trailer:

It just doesn't look as, well, exciting - as ExciteTruck (then again that's not available as WiiWare). From the video I got the impression "2 SECOND AIR" is the main trick that rings up an award. I did like when the car went under the semi truck. I enjoy many racers including Mario Kart Wii, ExciteBots, and SpeedRacer as well, so I will possibly check this out as a download game.



dgold commented on Legendo Takes to the Skies with Pearl Harbor T...:

Just wanted to say I appreciate that a member of the development staff is responding on here, and their team is accessible via social networking. That is good advance work. About the game, I hope it's better than that recent "Pearl Harbor" movie (thankfully not a movie franchise game).



dgold commented on Interviews: Carnival King - Incredible Technol...:

Target Toss Pro (Bags) is one of my favorite games on WiiWare. It's equivalent to another sport of WiiSports, minus the Miis. It's the same game as real life cornhole AKA beanbag toss, also similar to playing horseshoes. Like he said in the interview, they got the physics experience feeling realistic when you toss the beanbag. That said I'm more attracted to the pacing of tossing bags (take your time, shoot your turn when you're ready). Less interested in a Carnival shooter that gets harder / faster if you play well. I may try it.



dgold commented on Nintendo Rep: Virtual Console Being Toned Down:

@Jonathan Shouldn't the original post be fixed to state that the email was a hoax? The headline appears false, as the article isn't based on a quote from a Nintendo rep after all, but rather sourced from a low-rent game blog. Try "Blogger: Makes Up Nintendo Rep Email" for an accurate headline.



dgold commented on Grotesque Tactics: Evil Heroes Announced:

"He was refused to fight for his proud kingdom..." This German translated story-line comes across rather clunky, and possibly sexist, possibly funny. I like "round-based" (aka turn-based, right) because it should let you go at your own pace, pausing automatically each round. Hopefully the RPG elements are mature and developed, and the strategy elements aren't too tedious. Is there any hope yet of this title elevating girls with equal power instead of demeaning them?



dgold commented on Lego Indy 2: The Adventure Continues:

Level-Builder would be cool if you could share your levels online with others. As for the article, @Jamie check: "Eanes went then proceeded to speak about how..." I believe "Earnes said" would work.



dgold commented on Worms Coming to WiiWare and Possibly DSiWare:

I agree with the prevailing sentiment: hopefully this is 2D Worms with online multiplayer. I hope it has a lot of funny special weapons, like sheep, and some motion sensing controls.



dgold commented on Why Silence is Golden for Nintendo:

@vherub answered this well with a couple of key points. Additionally, on the cost of voice work: Nintendo markets their games in many countries, so voice work would have to be translated and re-recorded in other languages.



dgold commented on Review: Wii Sports: Resort (Wii):

Reviewer wrote: "It's actually even more fun than regular golf once you get the hang of it, so much so that we're considering taking a frisbee to the local golf course this weekend to try it out for real." I wanted to let you know that "Disc Golf" (as it's usually called) is a real life sport. There are hundreds of disc golf courses worldwide, with actual disc golf baskets, so you don't really play it on a ball golf course. Visit the Professional Disc Golfer's Association website for a course directory and find an actual disc golf course near you. It is a TON of fun. It's an excellent sport. You buy 2-3 discs (other brands besides Frisbee) for about 10 dollars each. There is no course fee, so it's inexpensive outdoor competition with your friends in a nice park -- for example if your Wii breaks or the electricity goes off, or if you just need some exercise and sunlight. The reason I finally decided to log-in on Nintendo Life is I felt excited to tell the reviewer this is a real life game people play.