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Play Super Mario Bros. With...A Theremin?

Posted by Jon Wahlgren

Takes motion controls to a whole new level.

Music controllers are all the rage nowadays, thanks to your Rock Bands and your DJ Heroes, even your GameCube Jungle Beats. Now, some whiz has managed to hook up an obscure instrument for some retro action.

The theremin is known for its spooky sounds and for being the only instrument you can play without physical contact. Your hand's proximity to the two metal antennas jutting out determine both pitch and volume, which in this setup controls Mario's horizontal and vertical control respectively. It looks pretty manageable, albeit a bit hokey. Apparently the setup allows a bunch of other instruments to be used, like a violin or even a microphone to yell at the screen and jump.

Eat your heart out, Natal:

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Stuffgamer1 said:

I'm glad nobody's gone as overboard as to make a Wii game that controls like this! BAD idea, IMO. I do think that theremins are REALLY cool, but not for gaming.



Corbs said:

When they get mind-control, then I'll be impressed. I mean why have to move at all if you don't have to. Free up those hands for soft drinks and snacks. In fact, just create me a virtual being that can play the games for me and I can just download the enjoyment from the being's USB slot when I get time.



Corbs said:

Thanks for that link VGP. And anytime I see a video with Super Mario Bros. being played, it makes me want to play the game.



warioswoods said:

I believe the reaction "that's cool, but will it play the Mario theme?" has attained the level of "that's cool, but will it run Linux?" in a certain demographic.

...Not necessarily a bad thing.

But this guy takes it to a whole 'nother level, seeing if a musical instrument will actually play the game SMB. .



StarDust4Ever said:

I'd like to see Linux actually run on an NES or SNES - moving on, I think Theremins are awesome, and it would be awesome to get some schematics and try to build one - I've also thought a couple of times about getting an old school desk, a small LCD monitor, some arcade buttons and joysticks, an NES clone system, and build an NES arcade cabinet out of it! (the cartridges would fit through a slot drilled in the top of the desk) After all, I am an Electrical Engineering Technology Major



angel_m_rivera_colla said:

I like fantasy,unreal videogames.The more real...the less interesting.Thats why I have a Wii.Imaginative arcade virtual console games.Never real.Arcade at home.Over ten systems in one console!Well...The Conduit is an exception...



JoeDiddley said:

The ultimate rhythm game
I wonder what happens if you try and play the bit from Good Vibrations?



Wiiloveit said:

That's cool, but a bit awkward, no? Plus, notice the lack of a "duck" function.

I wonder what happens if you try and play the bit from Good Vibrations?
You get a British lady trying to find her long lost Irish love in the middle of the ocean.



MarkyVigoroth said:

I would like to see the bonang (an Indonesian instrument), guitar, and recorder (the flute, not the tape recorder) be used as controllers (though the bonang is the most likely).

These controllers should be used in playing Mother 3, by the way, due to the musical battle system in that game. In fact, if a bonang GameCube/GBA/Classic Controller was ever invented, I would try to use said controller to play Mother 3!



moosa said:

There are oodles of crazy MIDI instruments out there (most of which are very expensive), and with a program like GlovePIE and some coding it would be quite possible to use any one of them as a game input device.

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