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Video Game Plush to Cuddle

Posted by Corbie Dillard

Now you can snuggle up with your favorite video game systems and characters.

Ever wanted to cuddle up with that DS system only to find the corner digging into your side? Or snuggle up with a big hunk of meat only to find the smell unbearable? If so we've got a solution to your problem.

First off we have several lovely plushes created by French crafter Marine Beloir in the shape of a DS or classic Game Boy system. They even have the screenshots embroidered into the system's screen. While these aren't currently available to the general public, we'll keep you updated in case they're ever made available for sale.

Also on tap the guys over at Team Meat have created this adorable Meat Boy plush to help get you through those sleepless nights. How can you not want to cuddle up with little Meat Boy? But you'd better hurry, these Meat Boy plushes are selling out fast. You can head over here to order your Meat Boy plush. I just bought one myself.




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Corbs said:

There's only 8 Meat Boy plushies left! (I'll pass though.)

Wow, Meat Boy can't get any lovin'. Sad.



Kawaiipikachu said:

There sould be some DSi plushies .
I would buy a dozen & then put them thru some pretty nasty torture like ripping them apart burning them (at least theres no Lithiun Ion batterys to worry abot) ect ect without the expense of having to buy Nintendo's Stopgap System .

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