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NSFW: Manhunt 2 Wishes It Was This Hardcore

Posted by Jon Wahlgren

Tokyo Gore Police has the bloodiest Wii cameo yet

I watched Tokyo Gore Police last night via Netflix after having it sit on my desk for about two weeks. Or rather, I should say tried to watch it, as I shut it off about halfway through after a particularly nasty appendage-removal scene.

For those that don't know about the movie, it's a Japanese Troma-style gorefest about bio-enhanced bad guys and the privatized police who fight them with katanas. Not for the squemish.

Anywho, a fake commercial for the game Remote Execution popped on about 40 minutes in or so, and let's just say I'm glad Manhunt 2 or Madworld aren't in HD.

Totally NSFW:

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FroguinZX said:

Direct link please. I'm on Wii, and what's showing up is this Britian's got Talent crap. >



Objection said:

That was messed up. lol. That movie did look pretty bad. I'm not sure how relevant this is to the site, but w/e, it was cool.



SmaMan said:

Wow, this just game me a great idea to take those stupid commercials where the whole family is doing exaggerated Wiimote movements change what's on the TV to random things... heheh.



odd69 said:

i own a few troma films,i might look into this. LOL that was great.



Esposch said:

I just loved how they had the smiling family, parodying all the casual games. 这是很OSSUM! guys.



Terra said:

Being a fan of Japanese cinema (Not an expert though), i have to say that only they could do this. I really am glad the Wii isn't HD for once.



Wiiloveit said:

Sick. And the first poster guy needs to change his avatar, since I thought he was Dazza at first.
EDIT: My bad, Dazza has since changed his avatar back to the 1Up one. I need to check this site more often



Crazed said:

Heh...heh...(laughs awkwardly in a distant corner while cuddling a plush DS.)

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