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Nintendo Download: 28 April 2009 (Japan)

Posted by Sean Aaron

Another six releases for our Japanese friends.

I'm sure many in the PAL/NA territories will be green with envy and I've got to say I'm going to have a hard decision to make here.

You see amongst the three WiiWare releases coming to Japan next week is Bit.Trip.Beat. Given that there's no projected release date for Europe whatsoever, can I resist temptation, especially when the game is only 500 points and appears to have had no alterations for localisation? Probably not! The other two titles appear to be aimed squarely at the kiddies. In fact it strikes me as interesting that in Japan there are many child-oriented WiiWare titles whilst in the West we see very few...

Anyway here's the full list:

  • Bit.Trip.Beat 500 points published by Arc System Works
  • Children's Educational Television Wii 700 points (that's a price you don't see often) from Media Home -- this appears to be a collection of educational mini-games with more to download for 200-400 points targeted at a variety of age ranges.
  • Harvest Moon - Farm Store 1500 points from Marvellous Entertainment -- this is a Harvest Moon virtual Shop game which has a paper cut-out look to it.

On the Virtual Console we have three releases as well:

  • Kirby's Dream Land 3 Super Famicom 800 points

...and two Namco arcade games for the VCA also for 800 points each:

  • Numan Athletics -- kind of a futuristic track-and-field game with events like surface-to-surface missile javelin yeah.
  • Youkai Douchuuki -- an action platform game that's already been released on the PC Engine (and was featured in the Game Center CX VC Special). This makes the higher price for arcade games more clear as it means the VC ports are cheaper if you decide to go that route; I expect this to be replicated in NA/EU -- if we ever get another VCA release in those territories!

Finally it should also be noted that the Wii no Ma Channel is launching next week and will be a video download service that also allows for videos to be transferred to your DSi for on-the-go viewing. Rather than being commerical releases these videos appear to be tailored for the service and are family oriented.

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gameking23 said:

Now Europe is the only place that does not have Bit Trip. Hopefuly that changes soon.



Ratengo said:

@Sean: It should be mentioned that Nintendo is releasing a new Channel in Japan next Friday (on May 1st). According to Wikipedia, the Wiinoma " a television channel owned by Nintendo. It will be viewable by those with a Wii and an Internet connection. It is expected to feature family-oriented content, such as cartoons, brain-training quizzes, cookery, educational shows, and other lifestyle shows produced for Nintendo exclusively (...). Nintendo is working with Dentsu to produce the programs and advertisements. This service is essentially a video-on-demand service." The trailer can be seen here.



Cheezy said:

@Ratengo: So what I heard of this a long time ago was that it would basically be an On-Demand service, but come to find out it's only family oriented stuff? Go figure. I was hoping to download Step Brothers or something lol.



Vendetta said:

Sean, Sean, Sean... Is there reallllllly a decision here? After all, music is the universal language.



Sean_Aaron said:

Okay, I've put in a little blurb about Wii no Ma. It's not clear but it appears to have some kind of networking (as in people chatting) functionality as well.

I'll probably give a rundown on it after I check it out, but I'll be on holiday the next couple of weeks so nothing right away!

@Vendetta: just being dramatic, of course I'll be buying Bit.Trip.Beat next week! And Youkai Douchuuki as well...



Ratengo said:

@Cheezy: You are probably thinking of the WiiWare title Minna no Theater Wii, released by FujiSoft in January. The 'Everybody's Theater Wii' is a pure video-on-demand service with a wide range of anime, drama, variety, education and music programs (new titles are added to the selection every month).



Sean_Aaron said:

Yeah, I was interested in that if the Channel was a free download as Wii no Ma should be, so I've not checked out Minna no Theatre Wii. Did you get it Ratengo; if so how do you rate it?



Phoenixus said:

@Ratengo. Have already typed up a news story on that subject, just waiting for Video Coding to catch up. Cheers for the tip though.



Ratengo said:

@Sean: No, I haven't purchased that title because I am deaf and there are no subtitles (I will then not be able to understand at all) so... sorry!

@Phoenixus: You are welcome.



Rawk_Hawk said:

Numan athletics sounds pretty cool. I wish they would bring it over to NA if its not full of Japanese text



Adamant said:

Youkai Douchuuki is an awesome game, check it out if you haven't done so before.

(Kind of prefer the NES remake myself, though - the original is hard as balls.)



theblackdragon said:

lol, 'show me your meadow' -- for anyone else who tried to look up that title just now, it (makiba no omise) can also be read as 'farm store'. :3



naut said:

So...We can only download vids on the channel? I thought it was like you could do Youtube and stuff. That's lame.



Digiki said:

"Show me your moves!"

I like the name Show Me Your Meadow, but I doubt the game will be too great though.



cheese said:

That is without a doubt the funniest thing I've heard all day.



Sean_Aaron said:

@ theblackdragon: Ah you have to love Google Translate, eh? No doubt Farm Store is the more correct translation, but I couldn't be bothered with translating the kanji one by one to check and figured the outcome was amusing enough to keep.

From video I've seen of Numan Athletics the audio is English; instructions are Japanese, but also there's a demo before each event which tells you what to do -- it is an arcade game after all!



theblackdragon said:

@Sean: a good lol was indeed had by all, methinks. :3

Google turned up results for 'Harvest Moon Wiiware' as 'ranch store', 'farm store', and 'ranch shops', and Wikipedia had it translated as 'farm store' (and that's where i did the double-take at 'omise' this morning, hahaha). i don't think there's an official translation yet, so you never know... 'show me your meadow' could indeed be in the running.



Adamant said:

I checked the Japanese Wiiware site for the name - it's "Makiba no Omise", which does indeed translate to "Farm Store".

Silly Google Translate. "Show me your meadow" is not a valid translation for this, unless the person who named the game is completely unaware of even the most basic grammar rules.

Maybe an idea to get someone who knows Japanese to go over the names before posting them? Can't be that hard to get ahold of someone.



Sean_Aaron said:

I've changed the title. Normally if the title makes little sense I'll just go with transcribing the Japanese, though that means using a different translator and I didn't really have the time.



The_Fox said:

Awww...Show Me Your Meadow would be a way better name than Farm Store, even if just for giggles.



Ratengo said:

@Sean: Just found out that Japan will have 98 available WiiWare titles ('Asobu! Made in Ore' included) in total after this week's update. I'm sure Japan will be getting its 100th WiiWare title next week, so don't forget to mention the 'landmark' in your next ND article...!

@Phoenixus: Where can I read your news story on the upcoming Wii no Ma channel?



NintenDaan said:

Guess i've got a lot recordings to this week. Great line-up!

Finally, i have a chance to play Bit.Trip Beat!



Sean_Aaron said:

I'm on holiday from Wednesday, so someone else will probably be doing the next couple of updates -- be sure to get on their case Ratengo!

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