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Brits buy 92,000 DSis in launch weekend

Posted by James Newton

Console the fourth fastest-selling in UK history.

Overcoming its reasonably high price tag and lack of launch games, Nintendo's latest handheld has still been leapt upon by gamers and early adopters who hunger for the newest technology available.

According to official GameTrack statistics, over 92,000 units were sold in the machine's first three days on sale - April 3rd, 4th and 5th - representing nearly £14m changing hands on hardware alone over that weekend. Interestingly, the DSi has sold faster than either of the first two incarnations of the machine, which suggests the prospect of DSiWare and the double cameras are really capturing the public's imagination.

With the kiddiwinks now on their Easter holidays and with reports of machines still available there's every chance DSi will put in another storming performance this week.


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Firkraag said:

I have heard about this, but I want to know why there's only UK sales that are being publicised, how about a collective Europe sale? :<



James said:

You guys bought over 2,000 units between you?! Any jobs going where you two work?



theblackdragon said:

@Blaze: not DSi-specific, but Rhythm Heaven was released the same day in NA... dunno about EU launch-day game releases, though. :3

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