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Disaster: Day of Crisis IS ALIVE!

Posted by Anthony Dickens

As Hurricane Gustav batters America Nintendo announces the re-birth of Disaster: Day of Crisis, horray!

Survive nature’s most devastating catastrophes in Disaster: Day of Crisis, a panic inducing survival game for Wii. In a devastatingly short period of time, an unprecedented wave of natural disasters has pummeled the United States. On top of this inexplicable series of disasters, a rogue special forces unit has taken advantage of the chaos and seized a nuclear weapon. Only Ray, a former member of an elite rescue task force, has decided to take a stand.

  • Cutting-edge physics and gripping visuals re-create the sheer terror of major catastrophes.
  • Players race a car down a mountain to escape a roaring pyroclastic flow, dodge toppling buildings during a devastating earthquake and swim for their lives in a raging flood. No matter what happens, fight to survive.

Along with the announcement Nintendo have released a massive batch of screenshots of the game, we don't have a confirmed release date yet but currently we're hearing rumours of Oct 24th in Europe.

More as it happens...

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antdickens said:

Looks like an interactive movie, very Alone in the Dark style... lets hope it doesn't suffer from the same problems. Could be good.



Terra said:

Bad timing to release the screens

I never doubted this was dead. Project H.A.M.M.E.R. Though...



Wiiloveit said:

@pHaY-aNt: I think the characters and some of the settings look a little ResEvil4, but as long as the gameplay's good it should be great.
@ReInstall: It's not new, it's been around since E3 2006 - little has been heard of it since then, bar a few screenshots.
@Terranigma: I thought Project H.A.M.M.E.R. definitely was dead after the devs apparantly went bye bye. It didn't look too good in the first place, although it would have been nice for it to see the light of day in stores and homes so that I could judge it for real.
Meh, I'm just glad that DISASTER is looking good, and I'm currently anticipating it more than Animal Crossing, GTA:Chinatown Wars and Wii Music this Autumn.

Oh, and it's nice to see more comment-ers on NLife. Keep it up chaps!



antdickens said:

Yeah, Project HAMMER is alittle more dead than this one, Nintendo never said this was cancelled, just said nothing on its progress. HAMMER on the other hand, has had official comments saying teams have moved onto other projects... so I would think its alot less likely to still be in development.

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