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Ghostfire Games Drops Fresh Helix Screens

Posted by Damien McFerran

Ghostfire games has just revealed new screenshots for its upcoming WiiWare title Helix.

Falling neatly into the ‘rhythm action’ genre, Helix calls for the player to move their bodies in time with the beat of 26 different songs, each crafted by an independent artist. The required moves – which include punches, backfists and hooks - are shown via an on-screen mannequin, with additional commands being relayed at the bottom of the display.

Interestingly, you’ll actually need two Wiimotes to make the most out of this game – one for each sweaty palm. Not all of the songs are available from the offset and many must be unlocked via successful progression through the game.

Naturally the success of such a title hinges on the quality of the music, but the fact that each track is by an 'independent' artist does worry us slightly. However, as always, time will tell.

Helix is expected in the next few months and should retail for 1000 Wii points. Check out all the latest screenshots at the Helix game page.

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ChocoDK said:

Not my cup of tea. And to some people having to use two Wiimotes might be a turn off. I also think though that 1000 points is a bit pricey for this game.



DJ_Triforce said:

This would be a embarrassing game to be playing when someone walks into the room. Haha.



SmaMan said:

Well they probably have to put it at 1000 because of all the liscenses for the songs. It is a little pricey, but there's probably nothing they can do about it.



Objection said:

@DJ Not as embaressing as some of the motions for Rayman and Warioware that make you look like you're doing things that are anatomically incorrect to do with your wii (double pun!)



KnucklesSonic8 said:

Hey watch it! Those are two of my favourite games!!

Double pun, ftw.

But yeah, comparing this to other titles, this blows in terms of embarassing motions by a long shot. xD



konkerdoodle said:

No More Heroes . I've never played it, but i heard that it is quite awkward to "recharge your energy sword".



SmaMan said:

Nah, it's just the way that Tommy Touchdown recharges it. You can shake the wii-mote any way you want, he just does it...awkwardly...but then what about him isn't awkward?

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