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Helix is one of the most innovative music-rhythm games ever designed for the Wii console. Use the Wii Remote controller to do dozens of exciting moves, including punches, circles, back fists, hooks and more. Be mesmerized by the eye-popping background visuals, which pulse to the beat of the music.

Enjoy incredible replay value with 26 songs to play and three difficulty levels. Try to unlock all of the songs. This game is great for getting exercise plus having fun. No buttons are required, so it’s easy for anyone to pick up but difficult for even the best players to master.

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Posted by Paul Schreiner

Pick up your Wii Remotes and prepare to burn off some calories in this WiiWare music rhythm game.

If you haven't yet had enough of looking foolish by moving to the groove or rocking out on toy guitars, fret not! Now there is a new way to get people to have a laugh at your expense: Helix - a curious hybrid of rhythm action and workout exercise. Like...

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User Comments (33)



Objection said:

? Fighting/Music game? Thatd be awesome. NEEDS STORY MODE
AND DLC- New songs!! (But include enough from the start too)



BDPatVCR said:

Looks crappy

On another note, the synopsis of the game is very promotional. I'm guessing this is a text done by the manufacturer. Maybe it should be made clear that this isn't a review ...



Dazza said:

Give it a chance BDP, it might be genius! Don't worry, we have toned down the synopsis now!



BDPatVCR said:

It's just envy really because the stick figure probably has better moves than me
Thanks for adjusting the text, a detail really but still ... objective reviews is why most people check the vc-r and wiiwareworld sites and we are gratefull you're there guys !!! ( i sure know my wallet is )



KnucklesSonic8 said:

"The game claims to give you a great upper body cardiovascular workout." - I see... Well that certainly may appeal to some who are into Wii Fit and DDR Hottest Party but...

I dunno... *wonders about the song list, finds this:

Ah, so there are 26 songs, hm? If that's the case, don't price it 1000, guys. 800 is the magic number.

Anyway, this really reminds me of DDR Hottest Party with just the hand motions, basically. Maybe they got inspiration from there?

I don't know any songs on this screen... But anyway, I may give this a chance for my sib, that is. Who knows, maybe I'll like it. I hope they get the pricing right and determine it based on the # of songs they have.

Also, this is coming VERY soon. It's been rated by the ESRB so that says something on its own.



Terra said:

This should be fun. I'm tired of hearing the same old music so some independant stuff sounds brilliant



marvman3 said:

Looks interesting, but does it actually help you athletic wise?
It might take-off if they have the right mix of songs, an hand gestures.
The tracks seems too "Techno" for me.....
Might have to pass this up, but hopefully more gameplay footage and info can shed light on this new age game.
Wii Fit is doing great on the market.



DrApostropheX said:

Oh, cool! It's a like a mini Wii version of Para Para Paradise, the dance craze of Japan in the mid-1990s.



fxtek76 said:

would have been nice to see this in conjunction with the balance board.. would like to see some independent developers brainstorm some uses for the board



Dazza said:

I just had a quick go on Helix. I didn't get to play for long enough to give any indepth thoughts but it does strike me that it might be quite good fun for prolonged play.

Basically the concept is simple. You have two Wii Remotes, one in each hand. The stick figure shows you the moves you have to do in advance of a sliding bar shooting across the screen. In the easier mode than I played it wasn't too hard to keep up with the moves such as hula hooping, touching the sky and the Saturday night fever Travolta move!

The trick of this game is getting your timing right so you hit the sweet spot. Kinda like dance dance revolution and guitar hero.

I really like the music in this game. It's your standard Euro trance stuff, but its really high energy. Perfect for this sort of game.

How good this game is in terms of depth of options I can't say just yet, but if you are after a cardiovascular workout then this is the game for you. I think kids would love it too!

It's just a shame that you really need 2 Wii Remotes to get the best out of this game, but it is preferable to getting whipped in the face by the Nunchuk cord I suppose!



North99 said:

I downloaded this game and I'd vouche for it. For $10 it is a pretty unique game and it is definitely fun, especially with a couple of friends to share in the gameplay.



Sonic_Spin08 said:

I just got the game and it is realy fun. It is nothing like DDR Hottest Party's hand motions because those were just inaccurate. These ones are realy good, and some are realy unique. It is a great workout for your upper body, but you may get sore after a few hours. The songs are unique Techno soundtracks, that some are great sounding, while some just make you want to cry. But one of the songs makes fun of LA and it is actually kind of funny. Its fun to watch people play the game, and playing it 2 player (one person hold one wii remote, and the other person holds the other wii remote) is quite funny to watch. But I think it is worth the $10 because it takes a while to unlloock the songs as you ahve to beat many other songs to get them. So I would recomend it to anyone who like music rythem games and wants to get an upper body workout.



Luigi said:

Yes! Now time to play! Got a new sensor bar, and it's finishing its download right now!



wesleyh said:

Bought Helix... It's fun but it's pretty stupid at the same time..

1) You can do other moves at the correct time and it will still register correctly. Big flaw..
2) On hard there are some sequences that are just too fast to handle.. The character moves too fast to see all the moves and it's impossible to take into account timing.



Marvel_Maniac said:

I bought this game for my wife. She absolutley ADRORES it. I've found myself picking up the controllers myself because it turns into a great workout. The ONLY thing you need to worry about is the music style- if you can enjoy synth music then you can enjoy this.

Oh, and if you're one of those fuddy-duddies who thinks its embaressing to be seen using motion controls, then you should probably curl up and read an old book

As far as registering false movements to be correct- well, that really doesn't happen very often. It will only happen:
A) If you happen to whirl your arms around erratically and that movement somewhat matched the correct movement (but not truely)
B) You THINK it's picking up on false movements, but the player can be wrong in these instances. Everything is on a time delay. The robot guy shows you a movement a few seconds (or on harder levels, a split second) before the program looks for the movement. Sometimes you can be "off" in guaging these time differences and you think you're tricking the program. As long as you spend time on refining your reflexes and, in harder levels, on memorization (let's face it, that aspect is no different than hard levels of DDR and Guitar Hero) then you can do very well.

The game does a very good job of balancing the difficulty. Like wesleyh said, sometimes this can make it feel like its going a little easy on you by giving you freebie "correct" registers for movements but this is never a complaint, especially on the harder levels where you need a little bit of grace. Personally, if it wasn't as forgivable as it is, this wouldn't be as fun.

The whole point of this thing is to get a workout and to enjoy yourself. I wouldn't want to come back to this game if it got all anal and told me I couldn't unlock more songs because I wasn't perfect.

Highly recommended!



DoctorJest said:

This game's a real blast! I don't agree that there are any movements that are too fast to handle; it's like DDR in that respect, the more you practice and play, the better you get at reading the game and matching the timing accurately.

It's even better played with two players when one of you takes an arm. You really both have to do the whole dancing sequence for it to feel right, so you both get the workout, but can work together to get a good score. It feels like a great upper-body workout if you're looking for something to develop fitness rather than strength, and in that regard it's a great partner game to DDR that does the same for the legs and trunk, but a lot easier to set up and play than pulling DDR mats out and clearing enough space to play. Great fun!



Nintendork said:

I just downloaded it, and it's more fun than a game like this has any right to be. To everyone that hasn't got this, BUY IT NOWWWW!!!!!!!!!



pikmin95 said:

Such a criminally underrated game. Do as Nintendork told you- NOW! And Ghostfire Games, please release a Helix 2, or at least some DLC.



MexicanJonny10 said:

i love samba de amigo for the wii so i dont think i'll be dissapointed with this one (oh, and i also love techno music!)



CharlieisEverywhere said:

Totally love this game. Everything about it is well thought out. Now why can't more games use dual controllers? It was perfect for this one.

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