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Two New WiiWare Games - Home Sweet Home and ActionLoop Twist

Posted by Marcel van Duyn

Canadian developer Big Blue Bubble recently announced that it's developing a WiiWare game called Home Sweet Home. This game looks to be some sort of mix of The Sims and Habbo Hotel, which I'm sure most of you know. A date and price are still unknown, but there are some screens you can look at on the Home Sweet Home WiiWare game profile page.

The full press release is as follows:

Home Sweet Home is exploding onto the console market in a big way! Big Blue Bubble is proud to announce that Home Sweet Home is set to release on WiiWareTM, Nintendo’s new downloadable game service for the WiiTM console that offers fresh game-play experiences and new opportunities for creators. Soon, fans all across the world will have a chance to download and experience the most creative and exciting home design game on the market. Design and renovate your client’s home by utilizing the unique features of the Wii RemoteTM and submerge yourself into the world of Home Sweet Home like never before!

Home Sweet Home is a home design game where you will listen and learn about your clients tastes, create fabulous designs for them, and then direct your build team to assemble it all in front of your eyes. With simple controls, a fun graphical style and an easy to use interface, Home Sweet Home allows you to play and nurture your creative gaming experience.

Today, Australia's OFLC was also updated with a new title - ActionLoop Twist. This game was already on our WiiWare page as "Minna de Puzzloop", which is its Japanese name - Japan will be getting the game next Tuesday. If the original DS game is anything to go by, it will be called Magnetica in the US.

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SBOY said:

It's look like a good game for someone like me who play The Sims a lot (PC & console) but at the same time after TS2 it's almost like if it take us back to TS1... We'll have to wait and see...



chiefeagle02 said:

I have Sims for my computer, but I don't play it anymore (one reason is I got tired of it. the other reason is my D Drive no longer reads CDs, but for some strange reason still reads DVDs). I think I may pass on Home Sweet Home. The other game, Actionloop, looks interesting. I've only played the DS version once and only for a few minutes. If the price is right, I may pick it up.



KnucklesSonic8 said:

Magnetica: Seems good. Like a resemblant of Zuma which has also gained a lot of popularity. But for 1000, that's asking for a bit much, even despite how fun the multiplayer may be.

Home Sweet Home: Not bad I guess, but they better get the pricing right. I can see this not getting the attention it probably deserves. But that being said, if people knew that it was a bit of a crossover from the Sims, more people would probably take it into consideration.

Oh.. and Canadian ftw! xD

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