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Photo Channel Losing MP3 Support

Posted by Anthony Dickens

Changes to the photo channel being introduced in December, will mean only support for AAC music files, dropping the far popular MP3 format.

Check out these enhancements to the Photo Channel, which will be available in December, 2007.

  1. Personalize your Wii Menu by making one of your favorite digital images from an SD memory card as the Photo Channel icon.
  2. The Wii console will replace MP3 compatibility with the ability to play AAC files, which provide a greater sound quality than an MP3 of the same size. This new compatibility will work with MP4 audio files in the .m4a format. Additionally, you can now choose to have the songs play back in a random order.

This comes as quite a strange move from Nintendo, why would they drop support for MP3, does that mean we'll be seeing no support for MP3 for future in game audio? Only time will tell..

Thanks to Mohan who spotted this on the Official Photo Channel page.


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motang said:

Well my question is how will games like Endless Ocean and Excite Truck suffer from this move?



James2t3 said:

I don't think games will suffer they probably have the MP3 player on the actual disk rather than using it from the firmware.
Still it makes you wonder about future MP3 support in new games.

All in all it's not terribly important the channel is pretty crap and I doubt anyone was using it for MP3 play back so the decided to save some money on it by getting rid of MP3 support.

Still weird and makes them look like cheapskates though.



ds_lover59440 said:

My Wii is connected to the Internet, and I love the Photo Channel! I heard about this whole MP3 thing, and I don`t think anyone will die JUST because some louzy MP3 thing is gone!!! IT`S JUST AN MP3!!! WHAT COULD BE WORSE?! The Photo Channel shutting down for a YEAR?!?! Oh wait.... come to think of it, shutting down the Photo Channel for a year IS WORSE!!!

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