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US VC Releases - 24th September - Streets of Rage 3

Posted by Marcel van Duyn

The long-awaited final part of Final Fight's rival series, Streets of Rage, hits the American VC today. Yup, it's Streets of Rage 3! The game's had quite a lot of criticism over the years (Especially compared to Streets of Rage 2), but it's still a great game and any beat 'em up fan should check it out (Though SoR2 should still take priority).

Second today is a catchup game for Americans - Kirby's Avalanche for SNES, which was released in Europe some two months ago. It's basically Puyo Puyo given a lick of Kirby paint (Much like Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine and it's lick of Sonic paint), so if you're a Puyo Puyo fan it's a must-have. If you already have Mean Bean Machine don't expect anything new!

Finally today, it's the TurboGrafx port of the arcade game Legend of Hero Tonma. This fast-paced sidescroller features loads of action and can get pretty tough later - Not for the weak!

Another pretty good week for Americans, with quite a diverse selection.

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jg233 said:

Ok week... I really hate fighting games so that's out. I already have meanbean so the other's out. Maybe I'll get Tonma...



alvieao said:

So Streets of Rage 3 came out on the North American region, even though Europe is awaiting for its release. Since it's now out, Sega did no effort into translating the Japanese version as I thought, sadly...



Angelic_Lapras_King said:

Ah, you luck people. Me likes SOR. Ah well, we re getting S+P this week and I m sure we ll get SOR3 next week in our monthly Sega update. ^^



dusty said:

Nice, SR3 finally made it.
Now it only has to make it to europe along with super metroid.



Tides_of_Chaos said:

When is the US going to get the Japanese games? I'd rather have Europe's releases now then the US ones.



Adamant said:

" if you're a Puyo Puyo fan it's a must-have."

If you're a fan, you already have Mean Bean Machine, making this one a waste of money. Bleh.



Shortay said:

"If you're a fan, you already have Mean Bean Machine, making this one a waste of money. Bleh."

It's hardly a waste of money if you really like the game so much you would want a variation to Mean Bean Machine



chopblock said:

hahaha, wow I wasn't aware that Kirby's Avalanche was a complete rip of Mean Bean Machine right down to the graphics and animations and a little kirby tossed in the border. I shan't be getting that.

Streets of Rage 3, however =



They keep releasing the "3's". SoR3, Sonic3, etc. Where is Super Mario 3?? They are plotting against me... =(



Bass_X0 said:

Chopblock, Kirby's Avalanche is not a rip-off from Mean Bean Machine. Puyo-Puyo was a popular puzzle game in japan back in the early nineties but its characters were too japanese and wouldn't sell well in america and europe so nintendo and sega each took the original game and put their own characters in it. so yes, its still the same game but its unfair to call kirby's game a rip-off. i've played both and i find the kirby game is more fun (mainly because i was raised on nintendo characters; i only first played mean bean machine on gamecube).

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