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TurboGrafx-CD games for the VC?

Posted by Darren Calvert

More encouraging news in the world of the Virtual Console today. It looks as if PC Engine CD-ROM2 games will be hitting the VC soon according to Nikkei's all Japanese website. The initial releases are thought to be Ys Book 1 & 2 and Cho Aniki.

Ys is one of the finest RPGs on the system and Cho Aniki is a weird and wonderful shooter from the creators of the Megadrive/Genesis classic Gynoug. For those not in the know the PC Engine CD-ROM2 is the equivalent of the North American TurboGrafx-CD.

Might we one day see our favourite Castlevania game Dracula X (Rondo Of Blood) on the VC? It's possible, although the biggest stumbling block will be the fact that it was never released outside of Japan. However, it will be published as�an extra on the upcoming PSP update, so there is a chance Konami will drop it on the VC as well - fingers are firmly crossed, as ever. What with the NeoGeo coming to the VC and now this, Wii owners are going to find their internal memory filling up very quickly...surely the rumoured harddrive will be confirmed soon?

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ETLN said:

I think Nintendo should release an official HardDrive but also add support for any USB harddrive as quite a few people have them and won't want 2.



Nander said:

Isn't Chou Aniki the game with muscular men in nothing but their underwear? Intresting...



morphballer said:

As much as I wanted it, I did not see this coming. At least not until they did something about the external memory support.



mamac said:

suppose nintendo released a hardDrive for the wii would the games appear on the wii menu?? because i have tried to put my games onto a SD card and they dont appear on my wii menu?? Does anyone have an idea?? thanks mamac

__Mii be you


Mii be you said:

TG-CD Games? The fact that this AND Neo Geo games are coming soon to the VC makes me wonder if Atari games will come out soon.



alvieao said:

I never expected the TurboGrafx-CD to be listed in the European Virtual Console. What will gamers think of playing Chou Aniki? Nintendo should release a hard drive in order to save more games. Yes, I know that we would sacrifice one downloaded game for a new one, but it's not enough.



Eva said:

"It's possible, although the biggest stumbling block will be the fact that it was never released outside of Japan."
Bit of strange comment to make given this month's releases.



TBoneTony said:

I hope that Nintendo put in extra memory blocks in the next Nintendo Wii System Update.

Bacsuse I will need some if there are going to be more consoles on the Virtual Console.



couggod said:

Maybe its a hint of a possible firmware update allowing you to use the SD card slot as active memory, instead of just storage.



I hear it's beginn' this october?
I hope 'they' Translate snatcher



Stuffgamer1 said:

Aren't CD games invariably too big for the Wii's internal memory? The VC games being released now are already much bigger to download than the original cartridges, so how could a 500-Mb max CD get put on a 512-Mb-minus- memory-used-to-keep-track-of- all-the-other-memory-flash -drive? Does anybody know how that could happen?

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